Wally Eco Spacing Guide: 5 Standard Layouts For Your Vertical Garden

Wally Eco Spacing Guide: 5 Standard Layouts For Your Vertical Garden

Shown above: Lofty and Lush layout

Struggling with how to arrange your vertical garden using our Wally Eco planters? For starters, here's 5 layouts that are easy to achieve in any home.


The Flush Look: 12” x 10” 

10" x 12" spacing Wally Eco plant wall

The tightest spacing we recommend, to allow plants to breathe while creating that flush look you crave.

This spacing will naturally camouflage the planters underneath the plants, so it would be perfect for dark or neutrally colored planters. With this spacing, plants that need more light can be placed on the sides or the top, while plants that don’t mind a little less light can be towards the center or the bottom. This close arrangement will also naturally create more humidity and can be perfect for tropicals, as long as there’s enough light and it never gets too cold.


Lofty and Lush: 12” x 12”

12" x 12" spacing Wally Eco plant wall

Perfect for creating a flush look with taller plants without crowding and causing shading issues, the vertical spacing can be adjusted further for even taller plants.

Much the same as the The Flush Look, this spacing allows just a little more breathing room on the top and bottom of the planters.


The Metropolitan: 15” x 15”

15" x 15" spacing Wally Eco plant wall

Like blocks on a city grid, this spacing is the perfect balance, being just close enough for larger plants to touch with room to breathe, forming a nice presence on any wall.

This spacing is for those who want more negative space than a flush wall without spacing their plants too far apart. The idea is for a relaxed, yet still unified wall, not necessarily focusing on camouflaging the planters.

The Statement: 20” x 20”

20" x 20" spacing Wally Eco plant wall

Whether you need to fill more space with a minimalist touch, or you just want to show off each individual plant on your wall, this spacing is sure to make a statement!

This spacing is ideal for long, trailing plants to do their thing, or for plants with a lot of bushy, horizontal growth. Generally, each plant will get the benefit of not being shaded or touched by other plants in this layout.


The Offset: 15” x 12”

Offset spacing Wally Eco plant wall

Tired of squares? Break out of the box with an offset look that will retain all the symmetry and balance of a grid, while forming an interesting outline; plants will fill in the gaps between planters!

An offset layout is a classic way to create movement on your wall, form interesting shapes, and even pack more plants into a smaller space by utilizing the space between planters. You can also try a vertical offset!

Get Creative

Soiledplanties Diagonal plant wall

Now that you know some basic spacing measurements, feel free to play around with variations of the above, or work with the contours of the space, such as this diagonal green wall down a staircase by @soiledplanties on Instagram: when it comes to how you can arrange your planters, the sky’s the limit! But, just remember that plant health comes first: make sure you choose spots with the right amount of light away from vents or drafty windows, and if you group plants in the same planter, make sure they have similar care requirements.

For a list of recommended plants, visit our plant selections guide.

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