Eco Wall Planter Benefit: Mobility

Eco Wall Planter Benefit: Mobility

1. Easily pops on and off the wall

 Once you set it, you don’t forget it, the planters can move around! The mobility is key in providing you flexibility.


2. Bracket and hardware included

The bracket and the hardware is the key to the mobility function: you mount the bracket to the wall then simply place the planter on it, so easy! The fact that all parts are included provides peace of mind, no hardware store trips required. The minute you get it in the mail, it can go straight on your wall.


3. Arrange to get adequate light (if needed)

One of the best things about the Eco popping on and off the wall is that you can rearrange your plants for adequate sunlight, if needed. The even distribution every once in a while will make your plants healthy and last forever.


4. Wall refresh: Rearrange colors and plants

Perhaps our favorite thing about the mobility is you can rearrange your color and plant assortment! Maybe one week you like a mixed match design, and the next week you like more of an ombre. The mobility gives you full control and free creative space to have the plant wall of your dreams!


5. Easy watering

While its not necessary, you can always pop the planter off to water if that’s to your liking! It is really personal preference whether one wants to water on the wall or not, however this gives to up close, easy access to water and pick away any dead leaves while you are at it!


6. Space how you want 

The individual planters allow total spacing freedom, space high and wide to maximize space or super close together for a flush look. The choice is yours!