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Customer Love

Patrick K.

"These pots are AMAZING. They are lightweight but strong, functional and yet beautiful. Super easy to water the plants from the bottom or to take out of the wall and give it a good “rain” outside or over the sink. Buy them! Don’t even think twice."

Sylvia F.

"Love those wall planters, they are
so easy to install and create a beautiful green wall."

Amy L.

"These wall planters worked
beautifully to add some color and life to our modern kitchen. And the planting,
installation, watering, everything has been really easy."

Olga M.

"After so many years of searching, I
finally found planters I LOVE! Well made, a beautiful selection of colors, and great customer service."

Samiksha S.

"Great planters! Best thing about
them is that they are very easy to mount and I also loved that it is made of recycled milk jugs."

From the Blog

The Pocket Planter

The pockets are easily hidden, allowing you to create a flush and voluminous look where the plants truly steal the show! They are designed and sewn in the USA from recycled plastic.


The Eco Planter

The Eco wall planter is the ultimate ecosystem for plants. The smart watering channel design allows water to hit the roots directly, tapping into the plants true growth potential. It's ridiculously easy and made from recycled plastic in the USA.


The Loop Planter

Overwatering is the #1 way to kill a plant; the Loop's inner drainage shell prevents this! The miracle 360 degree inner drainage shell guarantees breathability and proper drainage for your plant. The Loop is made in the USA from recycled plastic.


10+ million bottles recycled. These are planters to feel good about.

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