Holiday Gift Guide for 2023

Holiday Gift Guide for 2023

1. For the person who just bought a home

Let’s be real, these are the people that need so much! Give them the fun stuff with excellent coffee table reads here:

How dreamy would this look in the middle of winter? Give us all the green indoors when its so gloomy outdoors! Wild At Home by Hilton Carter

The #1 crowd pleaser you simply cannot go wrong with: Home by Natural Harry

Or help them start decorating their bare walls with their own plant wall masterpiece. Our planters are for indoors and outdoors – so if an indoor plant wall isn’t their jam, they will have something to install and look forward to outdoors this spring! Shop the Eco 4 Pack

 2. For a new baby

Give us all the pastels! Lavender Loops, Spa Ecos and Rose Loops

Plant walls in nurseries not only provide a calm environment, they help stimulate the babies sense of nature, especially during the colder months when we do not have much green. Bring the outside in for your little one!

Want more baby botanical joy? Shop the organic baby line

3. Stocking stuffers under $20

Need quick and easy no-fail gifts that wont break the bank? We did the hard work for you:

Because you can never have enough compliments for your fur babe: Home Collection Pet Bandana

Nothing is as fancy and fulfilling as growing your own herbs: Basil Herb

The most stunning keychain: Stromanthe Sanguinea 'Triostar' Keychain

The #1 bestselling planter for less: Eco Indigo Wall Planter

The magic ingredient to make your plant grow this winter (and stay alive): Trailing Plants Nutrients

 4. For the empty nester

Chances are you know at least one empty nester who has cleared their home out and needs a project to start the new chapter in their lives. Plant walls could not be any more perfect to fit the bill. Not only do plant walls provide a serene hobby, they are an excellent way to beautify and mark a new journey in life.
Top empty nester picks:

5. “Best bang for your buck” gifts

All about the discount packs! Buy more, save more.

At less that $18 per planter, you really cannot go wrong. First of all, you have plenty of planters to go around, and any leftover you can keep! Eco 30 Pack

Not looking for something as aggressive? Get a 12 pack of Eco Wall Planters for $259.99. Still great savings and you have a little something for everyone.

5. For the Swifties

Lavender haze anyone?
If you or anyone you know is a Swiftie, do not miss this Lavender moment to end the year on a high note for the fans we know and love!