Planters Made in the USA

Planters Made in the USA

Above: from recycled plastic pellets to a planter in your hands - the creation of a Wally Eco

Did you know that not only are WallyGro planters made out of recycled plastic, they’re 100% made in the USA as well? Manufacturing, sourcing and fulfillment all happen on US soil, where we then ship to households and businesses in 176 countries worldwide!

The WallyGro team carefully researches and considers all our sourcing of services and materials, ensuring we utilize only domestic fabrication for all of our products. Not only does this cut down on fuel emissions, but also ensures fair wages and clean working environments.


Sewing Wally Pro Pockets

Sewing a Wally Pro Pocket by hand

Here are some cool facts & figures that you may not have known to get to know the WallyGro product family better. For instance, did you know Wally Pro Pockets and our face masks are all sewn by hand in Kansas City, MO? Below is an additional breakdown of where it all happens and how we make products perfect for your home and plants!

WallyGro world HQ is in Missouri! Here we have our close-knit team working hard behind the scenes to listen to what you want, find solutions, and provide quality products. This is also where we source materials, fabricate Wally Pro Pockets, process order fulfillment, and ship planters & more directly to you!


Branch Creative creating Loop

The design process at Branch Creative for the Wally Loop

In California, we partner with Branch Creative to create innovative and patented planter designs that make it easy for consumers to grow & nurture plants, even in limited spaces. From there, our Wally Eco and Loop planters are manufactured from recycled HDPE plastic in California for the world to enjoy. So far, we have diverted over 8 million plastic bottles from landfills by using them to make our planters!


A Wally Eco out of the mold

A Wally Eco out of the mold

Other places worth mentioning: The felt for our Wally Pro Pockets (which is made from 100% recycled PET bottles) is fabricated in New Hampshire, and we receive a portion of our material sourcing from North Carolina.



Well, there it is! We hope this provides some insight into planters you love, and as always, we are so happy to have you in our plant fam! 

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