Top ways to keep plants healthy in the winter

Top ways to keep plants healthy in the winter

With the arctic blasts hitting lately we must ask, how are your plants?? Below we list out the top ways to keep your plants healthy in winter.


1. Mist Bottle $10.99 | Shop Here

Cold temps suck in general but they also suck any and all moisture out of the air, which in turn is terrible for plant health. We swear by the Continuous Mist Spray Bottle, the fine mists distributes water evenly making sure every inch of your precious plants are covered, giving you abundant growth even in the middle of winter!

 2. Soltech Lights $149.99-199.99 | Shop Here

And don’t get us started with the lack of light! Thankfully we have partnered up with Soltech Solutions to provide you the best of the best grow lights to keep your plants not only alive but growing in the middle of winter. The small aspect grow light is small but mighty and blends in well with just about any décor setting. With this light rated to last 15 years, it is worth every penny.


3. Organic Neem Oil $12.99 | Shop Here

The organic pesticide everyone is buying! Just like we need protein and vitamins to keep us healthy, so do your plants. For under $15, you will be happy you have this miracle product on hand.


4. Houseplant Mix Nutrients $14.99-29.99 | Shop Here

While you are giving your plants a healthy dose of neem oil, you might as well boost their best overall potential with the Houseplant nutrients that is targeted to help plump up their roots to help withstand nearly anything!  Expect to see a fuller and stronger plant from the nutrients. Come spring your plants will come out looking the best and ready to sprout new leaves for you faster than ever! Suited for all houseplants.


5. How Not To Kill Your Houseplant Book $14.99 | Shop Here

You have a problem that we didn’t list? 9 times out of 10 this book more than likely covers it! Its our holy grail and it should be yours too.