How To Water the Eco Wall Planter

How To Water the Eco Wall Planter



The Eco features a built-in water channel that feeds roots directly and can decrease total watering by up to 75%. When watering through this channel, which is formed by a perforated panel that flips around and slides back into a slot at the back of the planter, water is absorbed by the soil before reaching the front panel. But how much water do you need to pour into the channel, and what does correct watering look like? We’re here to help!

This article is for hand watering - for help with using drip line irrigation, click here.



When you get your Eco, make sure to take the hardware out of the bottom of the planter basket - a bracket, a drywall anchor, and a screw. Set those aside. At the back of the inside of the planter basket, a perforated panel will be flush to the back of the planter - slide that panel out, flip it around, and slide it back in, pressing down firmly into the slot in the planter. This forms the watering channel.

Plant your plant(s) in high grade potting soil that reaches above the highest holes in the perforated panel, and make sure to pack it down. If the soil does not reach those holes, water could run over the top of the soil and out the holes in the front panel of the planter, but when planted and watered correctly, the Eco is leakproof. Try not to get any soil into the watering channel - if soil gets in the watering area, brush it out with your hand as much as you can.

The first time you plant the Eco, some top watering outside of the channel can help solidify the plant’s new home and alleviate some transplant shock. Gently pack down wet soil before hanging. Refer to installation instructions here for tips on hanging your Eco.

Now that you’ve got your planter hung, make sure to follow the care requirements for each individual plant, as they may differ. Visit our plant selections gallery for care tips for a variety of plants.

When it comes time to water your plant, you can easily take the Eco down off the wall to access the watering channel, but you can also use a funnel or thin-point watering can to water them right on the wall.

Water directly into the channel of your Eco by swiftly filling it all the way to the top in one pour - then stop and wait for the water to be absorbed by the soil. When watered correctly, the soil will absorb the water before reaching the front panel. Depending on the plant, that’s all the water your plant should need for 1-2 weeks. The water should not sit in the channel - if it does, that's a sure sign that your soil is oversaturated with water!

In general, we recommend using your finger to test the dryness of the soil when you think it may be time to water; unless your plant likes moist soil at all times (as some tropicals do), a good rule of thumb is that if your finger goes into the soil at least 2” down and it feels dry, it’s time to water your plant again.

Don’t worry about drainage; the perforated holes in the front of the planter help aerate the soil, providing essential oxygen to roots, discouraging root rot and allowing excess water to evaporate.  If you do accidentally overwater your plant, leave it alone until you feel the soil is dry again; this may take several weeks. In the case of outdoor applications in especially rainy areas, additional drainage may be desired. In this case, we recommend drilling 1-2 small holes in the very bottom of the planter.

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