How To Tie Your Loops, Episode 1: Single Loop, Double Loop, Pendant, Arch, Braid, Table Buddy

How To Tie Your Loops, Episode 1: Single Loop, Double Loop, Pendant, Arch, Braid, Table Buddy

Loop comes complete with options to personalize your plant’s new home. With five planter colors and several additional cord styles to choose from, you can mix and match to fit your unique aesthetic. Best of all, this is our smallest planter yet, able to comfortably fit into any space: hang it on your wall, from your ceiling, or place it flat on a table as the perfect accent of greenery. With the Loop, you're limited only by your imagination when it comes to how you want to style your planter - and we can’t wait to see what you achieve with it! 

To start you off, here are 6 ways to tie your Loops: 



The Single Loop hanging style is our shortest recommended style. When using only one side of the planter to hang, a short application is best in order to avoid too much tilting of the planter. With this style, it's also easy to hide the knob on your wall by planting it with a moderately bushy or upright plant! 



The Double Loop hanging style is a long and gorgeous look that also adds double security of the planter on the knob. 



For a more centered approach to the Double Loop, try the Pendant Tie hanging style - an attractive knot in the center can make all the difference!



The Arch Tie is a simple and elegant hanging style that leaves the focus on the planter and the plant inside rather than the cords themselves (although we never said it couldn't be punchy with a more contrasting cord color!). 



The Braid Tie hanging style is the most complicated style in this episode, but it makes a big impression with its natural, woven look. Well worth the effort. 



The Loop was also designed to sit flat on a table, so try the Table Buddy tie with a decorative bow on your nightstand, desk, countertop, or any other flat surface! 


There are so many possibilities when it comes to hanging your Loop planters. We hope you enjoy these options! For more ways to tie your Loops, and to browse our collection of Loop hanging planters, visit our About Loop page.