Q&A: Behind the DIY Living Wall Gallery with @themariaantoinette

Q&A: Behind the DIY Living Wall Gallery with @themariaantoinette

Maria Antoinette Loggins (@themariaantoinette) is a true Renaissance woman: as a beauty & lifestyle expert, DIYer, licensed cosmetologist, and entrepreneur, she certainly has a lot of irons in the fire. Maria understands the stress of balancing it all and encourages women to feel their most beautiful while keeping it simple, a motto that's been a part of her brand for a long time. Read on for an insight into her do-it-yourself attitude, her experience with the Wally Eco planters, and more! 

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!



How did you get started as a HGTV lifestyle expert?I live in Knoxville, TN and was invited to speak on a panel for marketing through social media. One of the other guests was a director for Scripps Digital team. He heard my story and I was in a meeting the following week with the digital producer. The first year I did talent/model work with HGTV and the Travel Channel. I was also asked to be a member of their Handmade YouTube channel. From there I got an invite to be a part of their new program, where I donned the title of Lifestyle Expert. I went on to film two seasons of Burning Daylight with Maria Antoinette and hosted one season of Clash of the Crafters. It was super exciting and I was and still am very honored to have had those opportunities. 



You have such an incredible DIY section on your website; what prompted you to get into DIY?Thank you! I am an advocate of doing any and everything for yourself. This has been my comfort zone since I was a small child. It could be my lack of patience - I hate waiting for someone else to do something for me - or I the fact I love a challenge. I’m a firm believer that if another human can do it, so can I! 



What has been your favorite DIY project thus far? My Living Wall Gallery of course! I love how I laid out the templates to space and hang the containers. The color choice was also exciting. I didn’t want to go with one color… I really wanted this to speak to the whole space. 



What made you decide to go with the Wally Eco planters for your living green wall gallery?I love the shape, the size and color options you all offer. I knew I still wanted to see the actual wall, so having the individual containers worked perfectly! 



As the host of Create and Chat, what topic do you consider most empowering from the sessions? Create and Chat is such a special event for me. It’s a time for women to leave the outside world and pause with like-minded women and create. We focus on a project, but the true creation comes from the relationships that are fostered during that time. Even though I live a somewhat public life I take this time to go deep and be vulnerable with my guest! This really opens everyone up to go deep at their tables. So the most empowering part is just being in the energy of women freely expressing themselves.


Thanks to Maria for sharing her story and her methods with us! See her work on social media:

Website: themariaantoinette.com
Instagram: @themariaantoinette
YouTube Channel: Maria Antoinette TV