The Power of Dining with Plants Featuring Best Regards Bakery

The Power of Dining with Plants Featuring Best Regards Bakery

At a Glance: What is Best Regards?

For thirty years, bakery owners Robert and Cherrie, have been serving up old-fashioned recipes to their loyal customers in Overland Park, Kansas and all across town. Robert, a former Food Network contestant, and his team make everything from scratch, from chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles to fresh homemade croissants each morning. Their love and passion for what they do shows in their food every day.

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to go on pause, Robert and Cherrie felt the weight of it all. Three years later, they knew it was time for a refresh. Their daughter, Faith, had gotten some inspiration from a coffeeshop in her college town and brought an idea back home: a living plant wall.

A Fresh Start 

Faith came across a WallyGrow Eco in a small plant shop in Arkansas. She installed one in her apartment and found the process to be a breeze, considering it was her first time ever using a drill! She asked her parents if they would be open to installing a plant wall in the bakery and what their budget would be. Her dad responded, “Let’s just do it right.”

“We were ready to make up for all the growth we lost out on. We all went on hold for a while and it was more about what we weren’t doing rather than what we wanted to do – this was just part of the refresh.” – Robert

Using a total of 29 Eco planters, Best Regard’s green wall came to life. Faith was the ringleader for the entire project. She was the designer, the installer, and now she is the designated waterer!

“She definitely did her homework. The wall is her baby, she won’t let me near it!” – Robert

Customer Love

The feedback that came after the installation was overwhelmingly positive. The customers are so impressed with the new look of the bakery. 

“People choose to sit by the wall first, now.” – Cherrie

The planters complement the hand-painted birch wall they hang on perfectly. With each one home to a different plant, the collection is truly beautiful.

“I can’t help but look at them. When you sit here, it just fits. It’s natural and intentional, just like our food.” – Robert

Fun Facts

  • For only about forty dollars each, Robert and Cherrie installed LED ceiling panels above the plants. They resemble sky lights and do a great job brightening up the place.
  • Cherrie added moss and other greenery to the base of the plants on the first row to hide the dirt. Genius!
  • Faith is creating a journal with tags of each plant on the wall because customers have been so interested and curious about them.
  • Amy, a Best Regards employee, hand-drew chalkboard designs to complement the plant wall and tie it all together. Chalk magic at its finest!

When asked what their secret to success was, Robert and his wife agreed on the same thing: their loyal customers. They love what they do and they are overjoyed that they were able to create such a beautiful addition to such a big part of their lives.

“The plants are the most symbolic thing we did – representing the growth we’ve made.”