The Power Behind the Pockets: Thu

The Power Behind the Pockets: Thu

Meet Thu Huynh, the woman behind our Wally Pro Pockets. For 9 years, Thu has led the sewing force here at WallyGro, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate this Independence Day than by celebrating her. Thu's continued support is what allows WallyGro the opportunity to pay living wages and retain domestic manufacturing. 

All of our Wally Pro Pockets are hand-sewn in Kansas City, led by one talented woman - one of the original sewers. Thu may be small, but she’s overflowing with life, personality, and tongue-in-cheek wit. According to Thu, very few people are capable of sewing the pockets - and she’s the best! She has been sewing for 15 years, and is always striving to improve, saying she hopes to get faster at it. When it comes to sewing pockets, the bigger they are, the more difficult it gets - the Wally Pro 5’s take the longest, she commented, while the Wally Pro 1 and Pro Jr.'s are the easiest.

Thu is a personal fan of the Pro Pockets, too. “I like them!” she said. “Pockets look so nice with flowers.” Thu also believes that the felt pockets have great longevity. She says that compared to other planters, the pockets will last longer because of their excellent materials and craftsmanship. She’s got a Wally Pro Jr. II at home herself!


Thu In Front of Wally Eco Plant Wall - Espresso

Thu came to America from Vietnam 35 years ago, and is happy to be an American citizen along with her family. She’s been married 31 years, and has two wonderful children, ages 30 and 28 respectively. Her daughter works for a pharmacy, and her son is in computer engineering. She let us know they’re both unmarried, and she added while laughing, “I want grandkids, you know that?!”

Kansas City has been her home for decades, and she wouldn’t change it for the world. When asked about her favorite parts of the city, she mentioned the lack of big storms, how nice and quiet it is here, and that “BBQ is #1!” For the 4th of July, Thu enjoys watching the fireworks over the bridges on the Missouri River. She wants to spend the rest of her days living here, but she definitely has plans to travel. When she’s retired, the first thing Thu wants to do is take a trip back to Vietnam for the first time in 20 years. After that, she dearly wants to see Hawaii!

About WallyGro, Thu added, “This company is so nice with me and everybody," and she wrapped up our interview on a sweet note: "I thank you very much, and I hope every year you are going up whether I’m here, or not here.” Thu is truly special and important member of our team, and she puts her heart into everything she sews. 

For all of our customers with Pockets at home, you should know that Thu has put her personal care and effort into each and every one! 

Happy Independence Day, America!