Q&A: Plant Accents with @terracottakat

Q&A: Plant Accents with @terracottakat

Katherine (@terracottakat) is a graphic designer turned leaf stylist and midwest plant mum who uses plants as her accent 'color' - and has a LOT of fun planters, terracotta and otherwise, which is why the Terracotta Eco and Terracotta Loop planters have fit into her aesthetic so perfectly. Read on for a look into how she got her start, her favorite plant, and what she likes about the Loop so far!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


What’s the story behind your @terracottakat account? Why did you choose that name?There were a few factors that influenced the creation of @terracottakat. First of all, I love plants (that is a given). Secondly, my usual subjects (i.e. kids) were getting tired of paparazzi in the house. And third, in my mother’s opinion, I just wanted to play with my new camera (there’s a lot of truth in that). The wonderful thing about photographing plants, is that they usually cooperate. Plus it’s been gratifying watching them flourish more closely. (Although, I can’t say they all thrive under my care.)
The name Terracotta Kat rang a bell with me - I have a thing for alliterations. I also adore aged terracotta pots. They have so much character, and I usually try to find them when I thrift. Another contender was “pothoskat.” However, my husband said that it read like “pot hoes scat.”



How many plants do you currently have? Do you plan on adding more?Oh goodness…I haven’t counted. As I’m typing this, I can see 30, and I’m not even in the dedicated “plant room.” And why yes, I most certainly will be adding more plants to my home.


What plant has been your most prized possession and why?I’m most sentimental about a simple little Heartleaf Philodendron. I purchased this 2” plant at a grocery store right before my son was born. It sits in the nursery and has grown like a weed, just like him. 

You recently installed the Wally Loop! What are your thoughts on the planter so far?First off, I love my original WallyGro planters so much that I made a whole wall of them. I knew the Wally Loop was going to be the same great quality, and was intrigued about the concept. I found it very easy to install. There are several ways to hang it, and picking out how to tie the rope was fun. I love to rearrange plants, so, the inner shell allows me to easily do that too. 

What made you install your Loop in the location that you chose?I chose to hang the Loop planters in the master bedroom. There was a blank space that was just starving for some greenery. I didn’t want to commit to shelves, and these were the perfect solution. Plus the Terracotta color pops on the white walls and is gorgeous with green foliage. 


Thanks to Katherine for sharing her thoughts and her methods with us! See her work online:

Instagram: @terracottakat

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