Q&A: That Plant Hoarding Life with @stayathomeplantmom

Q&A: That Plant Hoarding Life with @stayathomeplantmom

Dee (@stayathomeplantmom) is a self-described houseplant hoarder who is just all about those Hoyas! Read on for Dee's thoughts on the Loop and the biggest plant challenge she's faced. 

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


Q: Your bio says 'Houseplant Hoarder' and we are all about it! How many plants do you currently have?

I currently have 126 plants, and so many on my plant wishlist! 



Q: Current favorite plant and why?

Hoya Australis Lisa! I love the variegation and I love the intense new pink leaves. I hope I get lucky enough to have it flower for me. Honestly, my obsession for Hoyas in general is still strong. I absolutely love the different varieties. #hoyaobsessed! 



Q: What are your thoughts on the Loop, does your plant like it?

I love it and so does my plant! It’s the perfect size. I love how easy it is to water my plant in it. No mess! I also love the modern look to it and how you can tie the loop any way you like! 

(Used here: Rose Loop



Q: What is a big challenge you have faced with plants and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge is making certain plants bloom. Fertilizing is key! All plants are different and all require different seasons to be fertilized. It’s very important to fertilize plants, since they need nutrients to grow. The internet is very helpful on providing care tips for plants! 


Thanks to Dee for sharing her story and her methods with us! See her work online:

Instagram: @stayathomeplantmom