Q&A: Staircase Plant Wall & Propagation with @soiledplanties

Q&A: Staircase Plant Wall & Propagation with @soiledplanties

Maryrose (@soiledplanties) is a plant lover who especially loves a good propagation station! On Instagram, you may know her from her glamorous plant-filled stairwell, discussions of plant care, and many, many baby plant cuttings. Read on for some advice on propagation & perseverance!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


What made you focus your plants in your stairway? How many are currently living there?

That stairway and landing has the only window that provides the most light in the whole house, so almost all the plants have gathered there. I had about four to five Calatheas living on the steps, but I like to shuffle plants around.


What was your creative process with your diagonal stairway plant wall? Why those plants?

As my love for plants grew, almost all the shelves quickly became full of plants, and I have started to run out of space. Our walls were completely bare, so I had the idea of installing shelves on the wall next to the stairs. But I found the Wally Ecos on Instagram and thought that cascading plants would be perfect! I needed plants that were fuss-free, hardy, and tolerated low to medium light since the wall doesn’t receive a ton of light. I chose to install them diagonally so that I can reach the plants at every step.


What is the origin of Soiled Planties? Have you always been into plants?

We were brainstorming for an IG handle one day, and my husband came up with @soiledplanties! My parents had houseplants when I was growing up (and they still do!), but I didn’t really get into them until late 2017.



Since you feature propagation, are there any tips and tricks that we must know?

Always cut with clean shears, include 2-3 nodes, and BE PATIENT!


If you could give advice to a plant newbie, what would you tell them?

Don’t be discouraged if a plant dies under your care; you can always try again. Provide as much light as possible for your plants; the closer to the window, the better, or get grow lights! And lastly, life is short, buy the plant!


Thanks to Maryrose for sharing her story and her methods with us! See her work on social media:

Instagram: @soiledplanties