Our Top 5 Most Romantic Houseplants to Give as Gifts

Our Top 5 Most Romantic Houseplants to Give as Gifts

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an upcoming wedding or anniversary, you’re trying to impress your crush, or you just need to give yourself some TLC, all we have to say is: flowers are not the answer. Plant fam, there are SO many romantic plants out there that will stick around much longer than even the best-cared-for fresh bouquet of flowers. Whether you want a fairytale look featuring dreamy plant trails or something more obvious (like heart-shaped leaves), we are here to help you fulfill your romantic plant dreams and give you major ideas for your next gift to a loved one!


Heart Fern Photo from Pistil Nursery

1. Heart FernHemionitis arifolia 

On top of the name being cute, the heart-shaped leaves are enough to tug at our heartstrings!


Philodendron Heartleaf

Photo from Plantify Urban Plantery

2. Heartleaf Philodendron | Philodendron scandens

Not a fern person? This Philo’s got your back. These dreamy leaves quickly become charming trails of hearts dangling downwards, making them especially lovely. Maybe the new mistletoe? 💋




3. Anthurium

For those who are trying to get into gifting plants rather than flowers, Anthurium (Flamingo Lily) adds that little pop of floral color that makes the perfect baby step. Enjoy the lush green foliage after the flowers fade away!


String of Hearts


4. String of HeartsCeropegia woodii

This is your subtle nod to love with the dainty, multicolored hearts that trail out. Swoon…


Sweetheart Hoya


5. Sweetheart Hoya | Hoya kerrii

Your love doesn’t get much more obvious than a single succulent literally in the shape of a heart - we’re confident the recipient will get your message loud and clear!


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