Q&A: How To Maximize Space for Plants with @raddatattchazz

Q&A: How To Maximize Space for Plants with @raddatattchazz

Chasity (@raddatattchazz) is a plant collector & hemp farmer who lives in Colorado with her husband, 3 pups, and over 350 houseplants. Chasity's love of maximalist interior design comes out in her incredibly colorful bohemian farm house, stuffed to the brim with flourishing plants, bright fabrics, and vintage decor. Read on for insight into Chasity's farm life and tips on maximizing space for plants!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


How would you describe your home aesthetic? How do you incorporate plants into the look & feel?

I would describe our home as 'southwestern bohemian’. I really draw inspiration from the colors and textures in and around the mountains & desert. We live in the Four Corners area of Colorado, and the landscape here is so vast, colorful, and full of life! I love having color all around, it's as if the mood of the day is set before you even wake! Makes it much easier to stay happy & productive.

This area has so many INCREDIBLE species of plants, and they thrive!! I would say when we moved here from Nashvillle, we had around 40 houseplants indoors within the first month. We scored over 60 houseplants at an estate sale. It really brings helps bring the outdoors in, and all of the houses here are surrounded with light & windows. We never have too many plants, hahaha. Right now, not counting our full time grow, we have over 350 houseplants! It is an ever growing jungle. The air is CLEAN, and they add all of the green we need!



What advice would you give to maximize space in order to bring in more plant friends?

First off, measure what you have, and make sure the space you have is ideal for the size the plant will reach at full potential. I absolutely encourage you to use all of the space you can for plants. I really like adding fun shelves with multiple nooks for plants & propagated pieces, and I love utilizing the spaces above windows and doors. Scoring vintage macrame is and will always be my very favorite trend from the 70’s.

I think adding height in between your plants will maximize your space and allow you to fit more into an area. I like to use books as plant stands, and it also adds fun color to the room! I try to maximize every space with bright light for plant babes.


We see your brightly colored Eco planters are in your bedroom - why did you choose this room?

First, let me say I get sooooo many compliments on them, and they are so easy and functional! I would say my main reason for adding them into our bedroom is the watering aspect of these amazing little designs. They are self watering, so there is rarely any issue of overwatering and leaking out or dripping on the floor, or in this case, our bed. I love the living wall vibe they give off and I chose Pothos for them specifically for the space and light in this corner. These things rock!



Okay, real talk, what is your favorite plant right now and why?

I would say this very moment it would be the Schefflera actinophylla. I was gifted a pretty old tree & she has put off 7 new leaves in the last few months! Really easy, just loves bright indirect light all day and THRIVES in our bathroom. I love the shape and gloss of her leaves and how sturdy the trunks are! It really is a great species of this plant!


Your bio mentions "farm living with my life partner", what kinds of things do you have on your farm?

We are doing it out here! Living our dream together! We do full-time Hemp farming. We also have chickens, and our 3 pups. We plan to add cattle to the mixture soon and maybe a few sheep! We really love the lifestyle and the skills it teaches you. Growing up, you couldn't pay me to stay in the country, and now I crave it. It is truly a way of life. We try to be as self sufficient as possible, and we’re constantly working on bettering that! 


Thanks to Chasity for sharing her story and her methods with us! See her work on social media:

Instagram: @raddatattchazz