Project of the Month: How To Create A Vertical Flower Arrangement

Project of the Month: How To Create A Vertical Flower Arrangement

Looking for a quick and easy way to usher in spring to your apartment, or need a place to display gifted flowers that won’t take up table space? This project is for you! Create a stunning floral arrangement on your wall in under an hour using only your Wally Eco, mason jars, and flowers.


What you will need:

  • Wally Eco planter(s)
  • Flowers from any flower shop
  • Scissors
  • Mason jars
  • Water

 Flower Day Project in Wally Eco Stone


One of our favorite things about the Wally Eco planter is its versatility. Soil isn’t the only thing it can hold; among other things, it can be used to create an easily interchangeable floral wall display by using it to hold vases (in this case, mason jars). Play around with what size jars you find works best for you, but we found that three (one large, two medium) was ideal for us.

Cutting flower stems in Wally Eco Stone 

When putting cut flowers into water, make sure to cut their stems at an angle to increase the amount of surface area of the stem’s tip, where they access the water. Play around with different combinations of flowers and different heights to create a full look to your arrangement. Floral arrangement is an art, not a science, so have fun with it! We recommend erring on the side of caution, as a stem can always be shortened after a cut, but once cut, it’s irreversible.


Arranging flowers in Wally Eco Stone


After your stems are all cut to the desired height, pour water into your mason jars, hang your planter up on its bracket, and arrange to taste in the Wally Eco planter basket. Hang it alone or with your plant gang for a fantastic pop of color!



Tips to keep your flowers looking fresh:

  • Check water level daily: The more flowers in an arrangement, the more water it will drink. Add as necessary to keep your blooms from drying up.
  • Use filtered water: Tap water is fine for most cut flowers, but filtered water can help more sensitive plants stay alive longer.
  • Cut and recut: Every time you add water, you can trim the ends of stems to help them soak up the maximum amount of water they need. Remember to cut at an angle to give them as much surface area as possible.
  • Feed your flowers: When you buy flowers, you will probably receive a packet of flower food as well. Sprinkle in the nutrients a little at a time when you change the water for best results.
  • Sterilize the container: Before putting flowers in a vase, you can sterilize the container with soap and water, or bleach and water if you’re feeling extra careful.
  • Keep it cool: Cut flowers last longer in cool environments away from direct sunlight. Heat and light will speed up the aging process.
  • Keep leaves out of water: Trim leaves off of the lower end of stems to avoid them being submerged, which can lead to rot and bacteria. 


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