Plants in the Workplace Featuring Warp & Phil

Plants in the Workplace Featuring Warp & Phil

At a Glance: Who is Warp & Phil?

As leaders in the hospitality industry, Warp & Phil specializes in custom textile goods spanning all across the U.S. Their manufactured roller-shade offerings are built in-house at their North Kansas City warehouse.


Warp & Phil’s office is located just North of the Missouri River in a building over a century old. Before last year, the space was outdated and desperately needing a face lift. Plans were made and construction began for a massive remodel.

The unexpected hit of Covid-19 kept employees out of the upgraded office for a while, but once it was time to return, employees were greeted with an impressive green wall displaying 40 lush plants. The addition of nature inside helped bring the office back to life and Warp & Phil was able to welcome back their team with a fresh start!

The environment of the workplace is more important now than ever, and plants can play a vital role. A WallyGrow plant wall has the ability to change the look and feel of the entire office space, and Warp & Phil is just one of many companies reaping the rewards.



An office plant wall is a guaranteed showstopper. There is no doubt your guests will be impressed with such a beautiful statement piece when they walk through the door.

“The first time I walked into this building, the plant wall was the first thing I noticed. It creates a lasting impact.”

– Chelsey


Conversation Piece

There is always something to talk about with such beautiful plants around. They catch peoples’ attention and peak interest. Whether you’re a plant person or not, they are an interesting topic and help spark friendly discussions!

“The plants are a great conversation starter. The more the merrier.”

 – Brian



Whether it be the type of plant, color of planter or other fun personalization, plants can be made unique to each caretaker. Match your plants with your design style and have fun with it. The sky is the limit!

“I have two different types of plants in my Eco and I use the trails to help hide all the cords on my desk.”

– David



No green thumb needed! Plants can be for anyone, and WallyGrow planters make it so easy. The leakproof smart design can help turn anyone into a plant pro!

“I didn’t used to be a plant guy, but the one in my office is my pride and joy. I’ve kept it alive for two years and now it trails all the way to the floor.”

 – Chance



Plants promote sustainability and encourage employees to be more environmentally conscious. They are beneficial for removing carbon dioxide and purifying the air we breathe.

“Sustainability is a core value here at Warp & Phil, so having greenery around is important to us.”

 – Colton