Plants in the Workplace Featuring Phoenix Green Walls and Edge Realty Partners

Plants in the Workplace Featuring Phoenix Green Walls and Edge Realty Partners

At a Glance: Who is Phoenix Green Walls?

Highly rated Phoenix Green Walls is a full-service interior and exterior living wall installer. They specialize in the install and maintenance of both residential and commercial interior plant scaping, including moss walls and terrace and rooftop installs like the one pictured below.

At a Glance: Who is Edge Reality Partners?

Edge Realty Partners is a commercial real estate firm with offices located in Dallas, Houston, Austin and Phoenix. As leaders in the industry, Edge works hard to create a fresh approach to commercial real estate.

So, why a green wall?

Since an office space can often come off as sterile and unwelcoming, Edge decide that a live plant wall would be the perfect way to “break up the straight lines of an office environment and bring a sense of comfort.” While they appreciated both the environmental and health benefits of having live plants in their space, the main thing they wanted was

“to create a welcoming place for [their] teammates and clients.” – Edge

With WallyGrow Eco planters, Edge was able to do just that. After some research, Edge discovered that Phoenix Green Walls was highly rated and decided to reach out to them.

“They were the first to answer all the questions we had about live plants in the office and offered the most comprehensive solutions for us.” – Edge

The Edge team found an install on Phoenix Green Wall’s website that they really wanted to emulate. With a little bit of reworking, the vision was brought to life.

“We built a trellis structure using 2”x2” vertical supports and then used 1”x2” slats to create the trellis look and painted it black per Edge’s request.” - Evan Lambert, PHX Green Walls Owner

The trellis was broken up into two pieces to allow the Edge team to furnish the middle section of the wall. Evan said the install took around 12 hours broken up between three days to complete. The first day consisted of off-sight prep of cutting and painting, the second day was the install of the trellis and the third day was the planting and hanging of the Ecos. In just three short days, this office green wall was ready to impress.

Phoenix Green Walls will continue to maintain the wall and water the plants by hand using the watering reservoirs located in the rear of each Eco planter. The Ecos make it so easy to hang and care for plants that anyone can be up for the task, but there are companies out there just like Phoenix Green Walls that can do it all if you’d rather leave it up to the pros!

Use our locator page to help find someone near you and start planning the vertical garden your business space is missing!

“Phoenix Green Walls has been a great partner for us. Our clients have all commented favorable on the addition of the green wall.” -Edge