Plants in the Workplace Featuring Kazoo Media

Plants in the Workplace Featuring Kazoo Media

At a Glance: Who is Kazoo Media?

Kazoo Media is an ad agency located in the charming Westside of Kansas City, Missouri. Kazoo offers all the tools needed to get a brand’s message out and grab consumers’ attention. They have been growing with companies all over the globe for 16 years and counting.


Cindy Augustine, President and CEO of Kazoo Media, had one goal in mind when expanding and renovating her boutique ad agency – she wanted to make it the best place to work in the city. With wellness and culture at the forefront of her plans, she was passionate about creating a space where her team felt appreciated and respected. She created a survey for her employees to complete to give them the chance to voice their wants and needs for the job. A few great things that came from the survey were a wellness stipend, a coffeehouse charge, paid maternity and paternity leave, and the implementation of a four-day workweek. Cindy wanted her team to be present in the office and enjoy it.

Being a plant-lover, she knew that adding a green wall would be a great way to bring more life and freshness to the space. Using WallyGrow Indigo Eco Planters, Cindy’s bold vison came to life.


Fresh & Lively

Kazoo is located in an old factory building, so while it holds a great amount of character, it also has a colder, industrial feel to it. The addition of the plant wall did a beautiful job bringing some fresh attributes to the space, making it very welcoming to both employees and guests.

“I want people to want to be here.”

- Cindy Augustine, President & CEO



The Kazoo team is unbothered by the fact that the plant install reaches pretty far up the wall, making it a challenge to water. They invested in a watering backpack and have never looked back!

“[The Ecos] are so easy. I use the watering backpack and just fill the watering reservoirs in the back of each one. That’s it!”

 – Tom Darnell, Media Strategist


Beautiful Backdrop

The plant wall is the perfect background to have for online video meetings. It makes quite the impression on clients!

“I love to sit in front of the plant wall whenever I need to hop on a Zoom call.”

– Tom Darnell, Media Specialist



The Kazoo team did a wonderful job making their indigo plant wall their own. Cindy enjoys unique plants and chose a stunning variety to put in her install. Her Hindu Rope plant is especially impressive. The team even hid some tiny dinosaur figurines in the soil! They made their plant wall unique to them and had fun with it.

“I wanted to keep the space clean and light. I used the rug in the entryway to influence the color I chose for the Ecos. I was really happy with the Indigo when they arrived.”

– Cindy Augustine, President & CEO