Q&A: Plants in the City with @plantmeplants

Q&A: Plants in the City with @plantmeplants

Delonte (@plantmeplants) is a plant (and human) dad based in Washington, D.C. where he shares his experiences and plant care tips as his collection grows! Our WallyGro planters were a perfect fit for Delonte, whose ultimate goal is to transform his home into a jungle, covering every square inch (including wall space) with his plant babes. Read on for DC plant trends, Eco install tips, color palette inspo, and more!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!



I’ve been seeing a lot of hanging plants like Pothos and ivys, and a steady flow of Sansevieria and Fiddle leafs. But as a reaction to the pandemic I’ve been seeing a lot less people out at plant stores and a lot less uncommon plants, unfortunately.



Ever since I was a kid watching Wile E. Coyote, I fell in love with desert landscapes and warm earth tones. A trip to Sedona magnified my obsession - I’ve always been fascinated by cacti, and even with the scorching heat I found peace there. I’ve noticed over the years I’m happiest when I see the color orange, whether it’s terra-cotta pots or a piece of clothing. Whenever I see the color it sparks some type of joy!



Yes, the murals were created by my wife and I. The heavy influence of mural art in DC pushed us to bring a little of that magic home! The murals and art choices that I’m most drawn to are pieces that transport the viewer. For as long as I can remember I’ve been attracted to art that creates a looking glass or a window into its surrounding area and immerses you in the scenery.



I like the texture that grids add to a space and I loved how it framed the Wally Eco and the plants. To assemble, first I mounted the grid, then spaced out the Wallys to my liking and screwed them directly into the wall. My drywall is thin (with no support behind it), and the planters with dirt and water were a little too heavy for just the main screw, so I added two support nails to the wall bracket to shore it up.



As of right now, my favorite plants are my recently added Monstera Adisoni and Heartleaf Philodendron, because they’ve both taken to the space seamlessly and with the use of rainwater they exploded with new growth more than any other plant I own. 



Thanks to Delonte for sharing his thoughts and methods with us! See his work online:

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