Q&A: Queenly Plant Advice from @plantkween

Q&A: Queenly Plant Advice from @plantkween

Photo from Vogue courtesy of @plantkween

Christopher Griffin (@plantkween) is a Brooklyn-based black, queer, nonbinary femme kween who (in their own words) is obsessed with the botanical scene, hunty! Christopher is the proud plant parent of 160 'green gurls', and often shares comprehensive plant care advice on their Instagram with the true kweenly flair their followers have come to expect. Read on for some of Christopher's top tips and plant recommendations!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


What sort of plant would you recommend to someone who is new to plant parenthood?
These are my top 3:
  • The Snake Plant (aka Sansevieria) is one of my favorite plants and also happens to be a fantastic plant for new plant parents! This kween is extremely this resilient + adaptable + easy-to-care-for plant that thrives in bight indirect light, but can survive in low light conditions as well. You do not have to water this plant often - every two weeks in the warmer months and every 3-4 weeks during the colder months. Snake plants also absorb excess amounts of carbon monoxide, emit oxygen, and filter other toxins released into the air from common household products.
  • The Pothos plant is another one of my favorites and was actually the very first plant I welcomed into my home when I started my plant parent journey. These kweens enjoy bright indirect light, but can survive in low light conditions as well. Watering this plant is pretty easy as well; once a week during warmer months and every two weeks during colder months. The thing I enjoy most about this kween is how quickly she grows if provided with the right amount of care and attention. During summer months, my Pothos plant was growing a new leaf weekly! Plants growing in any way, shape or form is just a beautiful thing to watch.
  • The Monstera Deliciosa (aka Swiss Cheese Plant) would have to be on this list as well. I think it is always important for plant parents to allow themselves space to grow in their plant parent skills, and I think caring for a Monstera Deliciosa is one way to do that. This kween is not as easy to care for as the Pothos or Snake Plant, but is still fairly easy compared to other plants. These kweens need brighter indirect light and if you don't have that sun exposure, I would invest and experiment with grow lights. These plants also enjoy high humidity and a spritz of water on their aerial roots. These plants also enjoy well-drained soil, and once a week waterings during warmer months and every two weeks during colder months.



Top 4 Tips when looking to green up your home:

Top 4 tips:

1. Do an environmental assessment of the space you intend to green up. What is the average temperature and humidity level in the space? What direction are your windows facing and how much sunlight comes into your space?

2. When that plant catches your eye, do research to ensure you can provide her with the optimal environment to thrive. Google it, and match what your space can provide to the needs of the plant.

3. In preparation for repotting your new plant, make sure to get a new pot that’s about 2 inches larger than her nursery pot... she’s going to need room to grow.

4. Your green gurl may go through a period of stress as she gets used to her new home. Be patient with her and keep a close eye on her to see how she responds to her new home for the first week or so. 


Thanks to Christopher for sharing their thoughts and their methods with us! See their work online:

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