Q&A: All About Plant Kween And Their New Book

Q&A: All About Plant Kween And Their New Book

Q: We are excited to carry your book! Can you explain who it's for?

A: This book is for anyone wanting to dive into the botanical adventure that is plant parenthood in a new way. Whether you are just beginning to dive into the viridescent vibes of it all or you have been in the green gurl game for quite some time, there is always a new perspective to learn and this book offers that ... You Grow Gurl shares my perspective, my journey and the things I've learned along the way. Anyone can be a Plant Kween and this book will guide you there, having you and your space serving lush lewks. 


Q: What can people expect/what makes it different compared to other plant books?

A: This book has truly been a lush labor of love! Think fun + quirky gardening guide meets fabulous + fierce fashion meets the sharing of personal experiences of that plant parent + personal growth, hunny!

This lush journey has been such a lovely adventure, an opportunity for me to dive into the wonders of nature with a sense of eager curiosity … bringing these lush lil viridescent creatures into the spaces I call home, basking in their intricate glamorous green beauty and learning the lessons hidden in the folds of their foliage. Through caring for my green gurls, I have learned so much about myself … who I am as a nurturer; that I need to be better about giving myself the grace, patience, and forgiveness I know I deserve; that healing is like new growth … it's a process that needs time, love, energy, and intentionality; and that at the end of the day I too need sunlight, water, and nutrients to continue to grow into my best self. Now I get to share that journey with folks in a holistic way beyond the screens of social media and onto the pages in this book, and I’m excited.


Q: What sparked your plant journey and how did you get to where you are now?

A: I have my grandmother to thank for this lovely green adventure.

She is, was and will forever be the original plant queen in my life. When I was a baby kween, we’d take day trips out to her favorite nurseries in Philadelphia. She would hold my little hand as we stepped inside and wandered around what seemed like a beautiful endless lush fairytale jungle of a nursery to my young lil eyes.  At a very young age, I became fascinated by the idea that we could take a little piece of the jungle back home with us, nourish it, and watch it grow. She’d sometimes let me pick out some of the plants we’d take back with us and whenever I was visiting her green oasis of a home, she’d remind me to water the green gurls I picked out ... she was nurturing the nurturer she saw in me.

This Plant Kween journey honors the memory of my grandmother and all that she has taught me. She shared her joy with me and now I'm sharing my joy. 


Q: You have used the Eco wall planter before, how has vertical gardening has helped with your plant journey?

A: Living in Brooklyn has its perks, but space is not always one of them! And so it has been helpful to go vertical to lush up my space and not have it feel cluttered. The Eco wall planter is also just so easy to use and comes in so many cute colors, it's a lush, sustainably-made wall piece that is just great for your green gurls.


Q: What advice would you give to a plant newbie?

A: Have fun with it all! There is no such thing as a green thumb, more like a green muscle that you strengthen over time! Lean into curiosity, do your research on the plants that you bring into your space, assess the amount of sunlight in your space and match the plants to what you can realistically provide as a plant parent.  And when in doubt ask questions, seek out other plant parents for advice, and/or buy this book, hunny!


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