Patio Goals: Installing Wally Eco Planters on a Lattice Fence or Railing

Patio Goals: Installing Wally Eco Planters on a Lattice Fence or Railing

Love this summer look as much as we do? Izabela, The Plant Junkie herself (@theplantjunkie on Instagram), came up with this idea when she wanted to introduce fresh flowers to her small patio space without having the table space for a traditional vase. So, she thought, why not use the Wally Eco to show off her gorgeous flowers on the wall? This isn’t the first time she’s had to attach the baskets to a ‘weird spot’, so she knew just how to create her vertical flower garden. Izabela generously shared her methods with us, and we’re here to show you how to make a patio-worthy plant wall on a lattice fence of your very own! This method will also work for patio or balcony railings.


What You Will Need:

  • Wally Eco planters in any color (used here are Mint and Rose)
  • Strong fishing line (any that can support 20 lbs. and above - avoid dollar store fishing line)
  • Drill
  • A friend


How It Works: 


Drilling holes in the back of the Wally Eco planter


  1. With the drill, make 4 holes in the back of the planter, above and to either side of the bracket slot, one above the other on each side.
  2. Run 2 lengths of fishing line, one on each side, through the holes you just drilled. The ends of the line should be coming out of the back of the planter, with the middle of the line inside the planter.
  3. After you’ve chosen the spot you want them hung, bring a friend with you to attach them to the fence. One of you will need to hold the basket up while the other ties the knot around the section of fence you want to use. Then, you or your helper will need to press firmly on top of the knot so the other can double-knot it as tightly as possible (removing your finger at the last second). The fishing line should be as taut as it can be, tight between the fence and the planter. This is a 2 person job, and is crucial to ensuring the planter is nicely leveled and tight against the panel.
  4. Repeat on the other side, making sure to step back and look to check that the planter is level before committing to the knot.
  5. Once you’ve got them tightly secured right where you want them, tie a few more tight knots on top of the existing ones with more of the line to make doubly sure your planter is safely attached, then cut the remaining line and enjoy!


Mint and Rose Wally Eco flower patio display by theplantjunkie

You can use this method outside with fresh flowers, using the bottom of the Eco as a vase to hold water (making sure not to fill above the perforated holes in the front panel), or use vases or mason jars inside the planting basket for ease of replacing water and flowers. Or, you could plant some herbs and have yourself a little patio herb garden. You could even use them as a chilling station for drinks in the summer - just add ice! The possibilities are endless; let your creativity run wild!

Izabela is a Plant Designer transforming homes and businesses with green live art. See more of Izabela's work here.