Easy Office Makeover!

Easy Office Makeover!

Watch this plain white wall come to life. No matter what your office looks like these days, plants are always a good idea. This simple grid of Loops is attainable for anyone who is looking for an easy way to spruce up their office space. Plus, doesn’t it make the great Zoom backdrop?


A bit on how we got this look:

•  We used a stud finder to ensure there are no metal studs throughout.

•  Then, we spaced out our grid, spacing 13 inches apart.

•  From there we drilled our holes using a ¼ drill bit.

•  Insert the anchors, then handtighten the screws placing them in the bottom half of the knob, after place the knob cap on top.

•  In the meantime plant your plants and tie your Loops to taste and hang! So simple, so pretty.


Materials used:

Wally Gravel Loop

Wally White Loop


Plants used:

Brasils, Golden Pothos, Jade Pothos, Silver Pothos and Calathea