Reasons Why the President of WallyGrow Swears by Nutrients

Reasons Why the President of WallyGrow Swears by Nutrients

To celebrate the launch of our Wally Nutrients, we decided to get a personal perspective from our very own President of WallyGro, Callie England, on her experience using nutrients at home. Callie swears by nutrients as the game changer every indoor jungle aficionado needs, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer our two exclusive nutrient blends (Houseplants Mix and Trailing Plants Mix) to you, plant fam! Read on to hear more about how she got into the nutrients scene, why we’re making the jump ourselves, and about the special ingredient that makes all the difference: Mycorrhizae.



So, Callie - when did you get into nutrients? 

For the longest time, I was like a lot of plant parents; do I actually need nutrients? Isn’t it just a sales gimmick? But then I went to my first Max Yield grow show and it completely changed the way I looked at nutrients. Here were growers with high value crops (such as cannabis) relying on light and nutrients to increase their yields, and in turn, their profits. If nutrients were a hoax, these growers wouldn’t be spending the extra money on them.


Max Yield, Cannabis? How does that relate to houseplants? 

The biggest similarity between the cannabis and interior plantscaping industries is that we both have what is often referred to as ‘high value’ crops. Sure, most houseplant parents aren’t making money off their plants' yields, but they have invested a decent amount of money and time into their plants. Moreover, some consumers, like myself, have increased that investment through lighting, humidifiers, and irrigation, just to name a few. If you want to protect that investment, follow the industry who has a strong financial interest in the health of their plants. 


Callie England plant wall 

Did you immediately think "We need nutrients"? 

Absolutely not. In fact, I had a firm belief that we didn’t need to bring to market a product that probably already existed. However, in my personal pursuit of plant health, with a few years' worth of fails and frustrations, that opinion changed. 


When you looked for nutrients, what did you find? 

Companies producing crappy, synthetic nutrients to essentially check a box. Companies producing excellent organic nutrients that were strong in odor and were better suited for exterior feeding. Companies producing extended release products that didn’t allow for flexible dosing and often contained harsh NPKs. Lastly, companies producing complex systems containing fertilizers, nutrients, and probiotics… I mean, I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast most days, the latter was out of the question!


What were you hoping to find?

An organic, water soluble, no odor, all-in-one (food and fertilizer) product. Moreover, it had to contain mycorrhizae! 


Callie England's large plants in Wally Eco planters 

Myco… what?!

Mycorrhizae! Think of mycorrhizae as a series of secondary roots, extending from the plant roots. Except those secondary roots are actually strands of fungus. The extended roots allow plants to be in contact with more soil, more water, and more nutrients, so they can make the most of the resources around them. My blooms on my wall are significantly bigger after using mycorrhizae.


Callie England Plant Wall


Let's talk about your plant wall...

Ha! I get a lot of questions pertaining to the blooms on my wall, since it’s not your typical trailing living wall. Some of my plants are HUGE and I 100% attribute this to nutrient dosing. Aside from mycorrhizae, I also swear by kelp, which promotes natural growth hormone development. Remember when athletes were Human Growth Hormone doping and basically becoming super humans? Their performance increased, their illness resistance increased, and their recovery times decreased… Same difference, but it’s your plant, not Lance Armstrong. 


Giant Monstera leaf in a Wally Eco


So what's the scoop on the Wally Nutrients blends?

The blends are for all houseplants and were created to encourage big blooms and strong roots. They're water-soluble, easy to dose, all-in-one (food and fertilizer) and have NO odor. It’s recommended to use monthly, but I personally use it every time I water (every other week). 


Why a trailing plant blend? 

Our consumers love a good trailing plant, but after so long, trails can get leggy and limp. The trailing plant blend is specifically created to boost root growth, as strong roots allow plants to trail without being lifted from their potting medium. Often, lifted roots (from the weight of the trails) is what creates lackluster Pothos and Philodendrons. It's the most-asked question here at WallyGro!

Any closing words?

Nutrients MATTER. I cannot say this enough. If you want big blooms and plants that stay healthy for an extended period of time (years), you have to continually feed their environment so that they have the fuel they need to thrive. 




Thanks to Callie for sharing her experiences with us! To check out our exclusive Wally Nutrients blends for healthy houseplants and long trailers, click here.

Happy growing, plant fam!