Mix-and-Match Plant Styling Tips: One Space, 6 Themes

Mix-and-Match Plant Styling Tips: One Space, 6 Themes

We’ve seen a lot of our community take full advantage of this spring downtime to get into home styling projects, and we’re all over it! We love how our plant-loving community is constantly coming up with creative ideas on how to style plants, so we wanted to join the party and pop in with some fun styling suggestions to highlight some cool features of mixing and matching Wally Eco colors with popular decor themes. You can now create your own mix-and-match pack by adding singles to your cart and using code MIXANDMATCH at checkout, which will save you $5 per planter. To give you some ideas, we took an indoor plant nook and styled in 6 different ways using different decor, plants and Wally Eco colors to evoke our chosen themes. Get inspired:

Plant IDs and Eco colors are listed from left to right.


Modern Accents

1. Modern Accents

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Plants used: Silver Pothos
Eco colors: Charcoal, Rose

This look is all about balance. This theme is good for creating a simple and sophisticated space with a splash of character to make a statement. Charcoal and Rose gives it that nice balance of bold and soft that can complement any space! This look gives just the right amount of depth and structure without being too terribly serious. 

Bohemian2. Bohemian

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Plants used: Spider Plant, Emerald Gem, Blue Star Fern
Eco colors: Sunflower, Clover, Flame


Let your bohemian dreams fly with this fun look! This look is ideal for anyone wanting to create a space in their house that gives them a little breathing room (a break from the norm), or even to refresh a corner that just needs a little pick-me-up. The trick to creating this look? Colors to the max. We love the eclectic feel, it’s a celebration of all the things that make you YOU! For this look we chose Sunflower, Clover and Flame Eco colors as they’re bright and vibrant, but since we’re celebrating uniqueness and color with this look, no color is the wrong color! Go wild, plant fam.


Retro3. Retro

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Plants used: Blue Star Fern, Emerald Gem, Fern, Spider Plant
Eco colors: Spa, Espresso, Terracotta, Sunflower

Oh, you have a retro soul too? We have a few of those in our office, so of course we had to throw a good retro vibe in the mix. This look is inspired by the 70’s color palettes you’re seeing a revival of: blue, muted orange, brown, and yellow. The plants really top off the retro vibe, especially when you mix with Spider plants as shown - so groovy! Bonus points if you recreate your favorite vintage pixel art (think Galaga) with the placement of your planters!


Southwestern4. Southwestern

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Plants used: Blue Star Fern, Fern, Silver Pothos, Spider Plant
Eco colors: Spa, Terracotta, Brick, Olive

The muted colors of this complementary combo work extremely well when paired with geometric patterns, natural fibers, and - because no Southwestern look would be complete without them - cacti, of course! We love how this look is both calming and somehow engaging - not a POP, but a gentle accent that elevates every piece of decor around it. Now we just need someone to be strumming that guitar, and the scene would be perfect!



5. Classic

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Plants used: Jade Pothos, Fern, Golden Pothos
Eco colors: White, Stone, White

This refreshing look is a good go-to for any space you may want to brighten up in a soft, subtle way. We love that neutral looks can fit just about anywhere to complement any existing themes. With this look, we could’ve went with all White for the planters, but we chose Stone as well to give it a variation in value, depth and character, highlighting the beauty of this peaceful nook.


Warm Neutrals6. Warm Neutrals

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Plants used: Emerald Gem, Spider Plant, Golden Pothos
Eco colors: Terracotta, Rose, White

This theme is all about those warm and cozy vibes. We just FEEL the comfort by looking at this scene. This space is all about creating a feeling of serenity, yet still maintaining a level of fun with the color. With this theme, it’s all about adding those special little trinkets that can add flavor and personality to your space and inspire you simultaneously. We chose Terracotta, Rose and White Eco colors simply because it gives this nook an earthy vibe paired with the green leaves, and the three colors blend SO well, complementing the warm neutral theme we continue to see in shops, home decor settings, restaurants, and more!

Which theme is your favorite? Have you tried mixing and matching your Eco colors? Show us! Tag us @wallygro on Instagram.

Happy planting!