Mix and Match Plant Styling Tips: One Space, 6 MORE Themes

Mix and Match Plant Styling Tips: One Space, 6 MORE Themes

Here for more style inspo? We're on it! Our original post, 'Mix-and-Match Plant Styling Tips: One Space, 6 Themes,' was a hit, covering some fan-favorite themes such as Bohemian, Modern, Retro, and more - so we decided to create this sequel to feed your plant and style cravings with all new themes! Without further ado, see the styles below.
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Trendy Tones style

1. Trendy Tones

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Plants used: Blue Star Fern, Fern, Spider Plant
Eco colors: Mint, Charcoal, Rose
Currently we're seeing shades of Mint, Rose and Charcoal pop up in several decor items, whether it's throw blankets, soaps, candles or even pillows. The three colors are so dreamy together, and as contemporary as they are, they have the power to mold into several different themes. For this look, we decided to pair these popular tones with crystals to highlight the eclectic pops of muted colors. You can either go quirky and pair these planters with a variety of plants as we did here, or go a little more structured and pair with a plant like Sansevieria.
 Wally Eco Contemporary Cool Style

2. Contemporary Cool

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Plants used: Silver Pothos
Eco colors: Stone, Charcoal
Whether cool tones are your jam and you need more of them, or you have a lot of warmth in your space and need cool tones to balance it out, this theme is for you. Even the Silver Pothos used for this setup are cool in tone! This contemporary theme works best with greys, blues, whites, and blacks. Charcoal and Stone is one of our customers' fan-favorite combinations, and we definitely see why: the Stone offers a beautiful contrast and dimension when paired with Charcoal. Paired with the leaves (especially a plant like Silver Pothos), this theme lends a very upscale and sophisticated look to any room! 
Wally Eco Beach House

3. Beach House

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Plants used: Spider, Fern, Blue Star Fern
Eco colors: Flame, Sunflower, Rose

This look is all about bringing the beach to you. There's a lot of warmth and color in this look, which is bound to bring cheer to this little getaway in your own home! The Beach House theme can easily be a seasonal one, interchanging it with different colors throughout the year, or even a backyard patio theme to get into the summertime vibes. The look is advantageous in the sense that you can't go wrong with adding even more colors to the mix such as Clover or Mint. Want the ultimate summer beach look with these colors? Plant them up with a variety of palms!
Wally Eco Traditional

4. Mod Traditional

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Plants used: Silver Pothos
Eco colors: Charcoal, Brick
This modern, yet traditional-feeling style is all about incorporating those comforting and timeless staples you grew up with, whether from your own home or from the TV and films you love. To achieve this look, we brought in two classic colors to pair: Charcoal and Brick. The two colors together bring a very sophisticated, bold, and homey vibe. This theme is even more enhanced when you bring in timeless plants such as Pothos or ferns. These classy colors can't go wrong whether you're going for a more formal or casual look in your living space, so dress them up or down however you like! 
Wally Eco Rustic Style

5. Rustic

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Plants used: Silver Pothos
Eco colors: Stone, Brick
When we think of Rustic styles, we think of repurposed furniture and decor, antiques, wood, heirloom pieces, and of course, barn house reds. What about rustic plants? Anything with trails is a great start! The Brick and the Stone pairing offers a pretty splash of color while still maintaining a nice, refined look. Whether you go all Brick, all Stone, or mix the two, there is no denying the two colors look SO good with wicker, wood, porcelain, and any rustic knick-knacks that are near and dear to you.
Artisan style

6. Artisan 

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Plants used: Fern, Jade Pothos
Eco colors: Espresso, White
This theme is all about those earthy, subtle tones that bring us back to the basics, where simplicity is on your side. We love how the Espresso Eco mixed with the White Eco gives a nice balance of light and dark to complement the green leaves. Mixed with baskets and other natural or handmade treasures, the plants are the link that brings this theme together for that all-natural feel. One of the best things about the Artisan look is its versatility - it can be the perfect year-round setup in just about any space.
Now, a question for you: should we do a round 3 and bring in 6 more styles? Is there a style we left out you would like see brought to life? Email us: hello@wallygro.com. Happy planting!