Q&A: A Planty Lifestyle with @megndoss

Q&A: A Planty Lifestyle with @megndoss

Megan Doss (@megndoss) is a photojournalist and plant parent who tries to make lemonade out of the lemons life keeps throwing through her photography. Megan recently moved and started her plant collection fresh, including four new Loop hanging planters that look just stunning in her bedroom. Read on for a look into her planty lifestyle and how she likes the Loops! 

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


As a mother of 3 and a Navy wife, how do you incorporate plants into your lifestyle?They’re definitely more than just decoration for us. My kids love plants. They like to help me pot them, water them, everything, and they love when anything blooms because they feel like they made it happen. My youngest even tells our living room plants good morning & tells them they’re pretty. Haha. We even plan to plant a small garden so they can grow their own food. 


Since you recently moved and had to leave your plants behind, how did you start fresh again? Yes! Gosh. Every plant I had in California, I had grown via propagation, so I was a little attached to them. They all went to other families in our former military community though, so I know they’re in good hands. My first purchases for our new home were a few trailing plants (like my favorite plant in the house - Tradescantia Zebrina). I picked these specifically because they’re no-fuss & do well in just about any indirect-lighting situation.



What made you go with the Wally Loop and why did you choose the colors you did?I love the idea of the Loop because it can go anywhere in your home & has such a good watering/drainage system, as well as vacation watering for when we go on leave to see our families. I picked White & Terracotta because I was trying to go with something that would match anything - so if I get the urge to change my bedding, curtains, etc. they will still look great!


How did you decide on plant choices for the Loop?My oldest actually picked them out at a local nursery. I told her I wanted a pair of trailing plants & a pair of tall plants with a pop of color in there somewhere. I think she did a great job with the ivy & rattlesnakes.



How did you decide on your install location for the Loop?I had been planning to have plants over the bed since we moved in, so that was an easy decision for me, especially since I have the option to change the way their cords are tied if I get the itch for something “new.” 



Thanks to Megan for sharing her thoughts and her methods with us! See her work online:

Instagram: @megndoss

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