How to Quickly Transform an Awkward Wall with Plants

How to Quickly Transform an Awkward Wall with Plants

Everyone has it - that one chunk of wall you just don’t know what to do with.

Wall Before

Take this wall: it’s small, bare, beige, and a little boring. Like with this one, you might feel limited with your styling options if you have a small patch of wall or there are too many fixtures nearby. Or, what if you have a wall with a few blemishes, such as marks or scuffs that you want to cover, that’s just not worth a paint job? You’re faced with the decision: leave it bare, beige, and boring, OR - do you spice it up with some plants and decor?

We vote spice. 

Below we’ll share 6 easy & attainable styles that can add character and life to that one space in your home that you want to improve. Before you know it, this area will go from a sad, empty space to a happy and green focal point!


General Tips

  1. None of the furniture, shelves and knick-knacks are new purchases! You can simply rearrange items you pull from other parts of your home to give a little TLC to your space, and it works great. Have a few little pieces not standing out anywhere? Bring them together into a styled display!
  2. The planters featured here are the Wally Loop hanging planters, which are small and compact enough to fit into tight spaces, and versatile enough to work well with other wall decor to fill out your space with more life!


Loop Terracotta and Gravel

1. The Harmonious Blend
Plants featured: Kimberly Queen Fern and Brazil Philodendron
Loops featured: Terracotta and Gravel


Tiering up these two planters elongates the space they’re in with only minimal decor, adding more balance to the wall and rounding out the space as a whole proportionally to the other furniture. Terracotta and Gravel play so well with each other: the earthy tone of Terracotta gives a nice pop to the more subtle grey of Gravel, which creates a harmonious balance of neutrals. These two Loop colors not only blend with each other, they also blend with the current aesthetic in the room, matching the furniture and existing planter on the dresser! Since the planters and plants are the focal point of this look, you can go a bit more minimal on the other accent items, which is why a peaceful candle and single flower is the icing on the cake to round out this look.


Loop White, Terracotta, Gravel

2. Hook Them Up
Plants featured: Golden Pothos, Kimberly Queen Fern, Brazil Philodendron
Loops featured: White, Terracotta, Gravel


Bringing in unconventional ways of hanging a planter can work wonders to freshen up a space. Here, we’ve repurposed an old coat rack to hang plants instead, easy enough! Having a stable piece on your wall can give you the flexibility to change up the look as often as you want. Want two instead of three plants hanging? Done. Switch the order of plants for any reason? Easy. No additional drilling required - change it up seasonally, or daily if you want!

If you have a coat rack that’s a good neutral base color, it allows for free reign on Loop color choice. If not, you can always break out some paint and re-paint your piece. At the end of the day, any and all Loop colors can work for this look.


Loop Terracotta and White

3. The Subtle Pop
Plants featured: Kimberly Queen Fern, Golden Pothos
Loops featured: Terracotta, White


Do you like to stay more on the lighter color side of decor, but still want to jazz it up? This one is for you. By using a single shelf and tiering up your Loops, you still have plenty of room underneath for something extra that’s useful, like a purse holder (aka chair!). This look, while it still pulls on the minimal side, will offer a blank spot more character and value than what was there before. 


Loop Rose and Terracotta

4. The Trendy Duo
Plants featured: Brazil Philodendron, Kimberly Queen Fern
Loops featured: Rose, Terracotta


This one is the trendy duo; this color combo is everywhere right now! It’s easy to see why - the warmth of Rose and Terracotta give such a sense of cozy happiness that can go beyond the summer months, transitioning into other seasons with ease. Also, it’s worth mentioning that nearly every plant looks incredible in either color! This look is also great for utilizing the sitting ability of the Loop to minimize drill holes in your wall. In this arrangement, they stack well, while the shelf gives an added pop of character and dimension.


Loop Gravel and Lavender

5. Pastel Bliss
Plants featured: Brazil Philodendron, Kimberly Queen Fern
Loops featured: Gravel, Lavender


Gravel and Lavender are always so dreamy together, right? They are a truly relaxed and peaceful duo! These cool colors are perfect for a bedroom plant wall, something that will put you at ease and lull you to sleep - especially if paired with an aromatic plant combo. While these muted tones do a fantastic job at blending in with existing pieces, you can also get away with going minimal and letting the planters speak for themselves, since the tones of the planters and your plants’ leaves do a fantastic job popping out too. 


Loop Gravel, Rose

6. The Au Naturale Glow Up
Plants featured: Brazil Philodendron, Kimberly Queen Fern
Loops featured: Gravel, Rose


Gather up all your artisan finds for this one. Wicker? Bring it. Macrame? Yes. Additional greenery? Please. Now, what’s going to make this look take a turn for the stunning is adding in colors that will blend in with your existing natural tones of white, cream, grey and brown. Rose and Gravel do an excellent job at tying in all those beautiful, earthy tones while giving the space just enough pop of contrast to make it stand out.


Good luck with transforming your walls, plant fam!