5 Powerful Reasons Why Plants Love the Loop's Inner Shell

5 Powerful Reasons Why Plants Love the Loop's Inner Shell

Loop's inner shell next to a 4" Dracaena 

When designing the Loop, we had one thing in mind: plant health. The Loop’s inner shell is the key reason the Loop is so beneficial for the health of your plants, and we're here to break down the ways your plant will thrive in the Loop! 

Why is the Loop's inner shell so good for plant health? Find out below:


1. Room to Grow

Often times when you get a plant, the first thing you do is remove it from its nursery pot because the roots will already be trying to climb free from their tiny confines. Designed for 4” plants, the Loop’s inner shell gives your plant enough depth so that it can still feel snug while providing ample room for it to stretch its roots and grow.


2. Lifted Bottom

The Loop’s inner shell is designed to comfortably sit on top of the ridges inside the outer shell, lifting it up the perfect amount so it doesn’t sit in excess water, preventing the soil from becoming oversaturated when watered correctly. That gap between the outer and inner shells also provides air flow to the drainage holes.


3. Reusable and Higher Quality

As with all our planters, the inner shell of the Loop is reusable - you can plant it and re-plant it as many times as you like! Made of durable, 100% recycled HDPE plastic, the planter has remarkable longevity; the Loop won't break like ceramic or terracotta planters if dropped, and it endures where nursery pots degrade over time and use. Not only is the Loop strong, it’s sustainable, too!



4. Superior Drainage & Aeration

With holes on all sides and the bottom, Loop’s inner shell allows for 360° drainage and aeration. When watering, the excess water comes out through those holes into the outer shell of the Loop, where it’s collected. The 360° holes also allow for aeration of the soil, keeping your roots happy and healthy while avoiding any moisture buildup, which can result in issues such as gnats. The thickness of the material also adds to how much water the planter can contain, making it perfect for plant parents who travel often, who need to water more thoroughly and less often.


5. Easy Plant Access

The indentation in the Loop’s inner shell creates a handhold for you, allowing for easy access to your plant. Our mess-free, stress-free design lets you simply pop out your plant to water, prune, or simply admire! Watered it a bit too much? No worries - simply grab the inner shell, remove it from the outer shell, dump out excess water, then place it back in. This also means you can swap inner shells and outer shells if you have multiple Loops for easily rearranged, modular plant walls.


On top of all the health benefits of the Loop’s design, there’s one point we would be remiss if we didn’t mention. Gone is the hassle of having to find a pot that a) fits your nursery pot just right and b) fits with the aesthetic of your home - the Loop’s two shells fit together perfectly in a well-considered design that’s aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to any style, with all the health benefits your plants deserve.


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