Back to (Home)school: Behind the Scenes Classroom Living Wall Transformation

Back to (Home)school: Behind the Scenes Classroom Living Wall Transformation

In preparation to homeschool her children for the upcoming school year, DIY-er and plant mom Lindsay Wilson (@littleandluxeshop) created a gorgeous classroom space featuring plants on the walls for the added productivity and creativity they can foster in the people around them. She was kind enough to share a bit about her space with us. Read on below!



In June, I announced my small shop would be closing at the end of the year. Not knowing what the future held, but leaning into this season of change. Just a couple weeks later, my husband and I made the decision to homeschool our three children for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Amidst so much uncertainty due to the global pandemic, we felt it was the best decision for our family. We feel very fortunate to be in the position to take the year together to learn and grow.


Little and Luxe with Terracotta Loop

I am currently in the process of creating our homeschool space. We have a dedicated room which I am currently redoing to meet our needs. This space was so fun to create. I was inspired by Reggio and Charlotte Mason elements. Most things were thrifted, DIY-ed, gathered from nature, or curated from our house already. 


Little and Luxe Terracotta Loops

Combined with my love for plants and my beliefs around the multi-faceted impact of living plants on mental health, physical health, home environment, school environment, and more, I was thrilled to incorporate a living wall into our home school space. I'm a huge proponent of the benefits to education and wellness by incorporating living plants into your environment!


Little and Luxe Terracotta Loops

Having owned a small shop for nearly 7 years, I am also so passionate about showcasing small businesses that I truly love. I love that WallyGro is an ethical and sustainable brand due to the use of recycled materials and USA manufacturing. Also, our beliefs align in regards to the benefits of living plants in the classroom. Working together was a perfect fit!


Little and Luxe | WallyGro Terracotta Loop

I want to continue to serve my followers with valuable content around the benefits of live plants, while showing WallyGro as a company and all they believe in! The relationships I have built within my social platforms were built on strong beliefs and ethics around products and business. As this social space has evolved to a personal passion project, I still want to remain genuine to those values. I strive to share meaningful and intentional products which I can stand behind. 


Lindsay Wilson


Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada



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