Q&A: Plant Talk with @koripaulswabey

Q&A: Plant Talk with @koripaulswabey

Kori Paul Swabey (@koripaulswabeyis a UK-based plant dad who does what he can to make the world a better place. Kori can be found surrounded by plants & watching Disney movies with his two toy poodles, Nina and Penny. We caught up with Kori to talk plants and see how he likes the Loop: read on!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!



Why is it important for you to showcase plants and animals on your feed?
I love taking care of those who need it most, I don’t believe that one thing on Earth is more important than the other, we share this world which includes plants & animals. Both give me a sense of purpose & remind me of real beauty.


What are the current houseplant trends you’re seeing in the UK?
I feel like plants are the in thing right now, everybody loves plants. Hanging plants are definitely a favourite of mine & have proven popular with everyone I know.


What made you choose the plant you planted in your white Loop?
I chose a Peace Lily as their flowers are white, so they’re the perfect match. This plant is also toxic to pets, so I like to keep it out of reach.



What are your overall thoughts on the Loop?
I love it! I love that it can be hung with screws without the rope, or the rope can be customised in so many different ways, creating multiple designs to fit any aesthetic.



Thanks to Kori for sharing his thoughts and his methods with us! See his work online:

Instagram: @koripaulswabey