Jungalow Vibe with Wally Eco Planters

Jungalow Vibe with Wally Eco Planters

As certified plant lovers here at WallyGro HQ, it goes without being said, we are obsessed with Justina Blakeney's Jungalow Style. 

With the growing rise of her eclectic, colorful and plant filled style, we've been taking quite a few requests for achieving a Jungalow vibe with our Wally Eco Planters. 

Not only are our Wally Eco's highly effective (and hello, easy!) for incorporating more living elements into ones home design, but as well, aid in the overall health of the plant. While there are a lot of wall planters on the market, very few were created first and foremost to sustain the health and beauty of the plant. Our planters offer extended watering, breathability, and enough soil space to prevent root bound plants. 

Jungalow Vibe with Terracotta Wally Eco planters

4 Easy Steps to Achieve a Jungalow Vibe

Supplies needed: 

1. Select a wall that receives an adequate amount of indirect light. High light is fine as well, but plant selection would need to be adjusted. Mark off 3 holes using a level ruler that are 12" apart (exc., 1, 12, 24). You can space further apart than 12", but you can not space any closer. Using a 1/4" drill bit, drill 3 holes (use a 1/8 if not using an anchor). Insert anchors half way in and then use a hammer to lightly tap the remaining anchor into the hole. 

Jungalow Style Process Wally Eco Plant Wall

3. Drill Wally Eco brackets into anchor holes with supplied screws. 

Jungalow Style Process Wally Eco Plant Wall 2

4. Hang Wally Eco Planters.

Jungalow Style Process Wally Eco Plant Wall 3

5. Step back and admire your instant Jungalow Vibe install.

Jungalow Style Process Wally Eco Plant Wall 4

Plant health note: Pothos prefer soil on the drier side. We recommend watering pothos 1 x weekly or 1 x ever other week. Due to our unique watering channel, it is easier to over water than under water. If you find your pothos turning yellow, test your soil to ensure top 2-3 inches is dry before watering.