Q&A: Florida Plant Thoughts with @iwetmyyplants

Q&A: Florida Plant Thoughts with @iwetmyyplants

Rachel Thomson (@iwetmyyplants) is a collector of plants, ceramics, and pottery (with a love of home decor) currently residing in Florida. On her Instagram, Rachel displays her plants and her plant-related thoughts and is currently posting crafty plant activities to get involved in during quarantine! Read on for her biggest plant crush, her thoughts on our Eco planter, her advice for struggling plant lovers, and more!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


What plants are currently trending in Florida that you’re seeing?

In Florida it seems the plants I see trending a lot are Monsteras. But also, I think Monsteras are trending everywhere right now. In Florida it is nice to have access to so many tropical plants though. I see mature Monstera Deliciosas that are very old, with tons of fenestrations, just growing in people's yards. They are gorgeous. 

How are your plants liking the Wally Eco planters? What are your thoughts on them?

The Wally Eco’s are great! I can put them inside or outside and they look great either way. Right now I have them on my outdoor patio with some Calatheas and ferns in them. 


What made you start creating your ‘shareable’ text posts? How do you get your inspiration?I started creating the posts with words on them to get conversations going. I think they are light-hearted conversation starters about topics many plant lovers can relate to. I collect inspiration for them from random daily thoughts I have while gardening or doing anything plant related, and then just post it to see who else has thought something similar. 


What plant are you crushing on right now and why?

My all-time biggest plant crush is a variegated Banana tree. I love them. There are a few kinds, but there is something about the green and white stripes on the leaves that is so beautiful. 

What advice would you give someone who is struggling with plants, despite their best efforts?

I think my biggest advice for someone struggling with plants that they wish would thrive is to research. Researching plants helped me so much with my plants, and I’ve only been collecting plants for a year. I have learned so so much from looking up care tips online. I learned every plant has very different needs from one another. 

Thanks to Rachel for sharing her story and her methods with us! See her work on social media:

Instagram: @iwetmyyplants