Install Wally Eco on Brick

Install Wally Eco on Brick

A quick visual guide to installing our Wally Eco vertical gardening wall planters on a  brick wall.

Create your grid; we always advise laying out a grid based on grout and not brick. 

Use a 1/4" drill bit to drill holes: 

Drilling into the grout

Once hole is drilled, generously fill with DAP flexible clear sealer. 

Hole in the grout

Using DAP sealant in the hole

Insert anchor into hole after filling with DAP (do not let DAP dry). 

Once anchor has been inserted, attached bracket per normal. Depending on the depth of the brick, you may need to buy additional screws that are longer; we provide 1.25" #8 screws, but it may be necessary to use a 1.5 - 1.75" #8 screw. As you'll see in the below picture, we increased our screw length to accommodate for the raised brick.  


Screwing in the Wally Eco brackets

Hang Wally Eco Basket to test placement. 

Installing Wally Eco planter

Plant your Wally Eco planters and enjoy! 

Finished brick plant wall using Wally Eco in Spa