Inspiration: Wally Eco Rainbow Plant Wall

Inspiration: Wally Eco Rainbow Plant Wall

Plants, people, and colors: all better together.

It’s summer, which means plants are thriving, colors are bursting, and people are having the time of their lives. It’s also Pride Month, and to celebrate, we decided to install a lively plant wall of our most colorful Eco hues right here at WallyGrow HQ!


The Look

Rainbow Wally Eco Plant Wall


First, we decided on the colors we wanted: Rose, Flame, Sunflower, Mint, and Spa - a perfect mix of bright and muted colors together in a soft rainbow palette.

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Rainbow Wally Eco Plant Wall Installation process 1

Next, the plants and the arrangement. We decided to use reliable Golden Pothos because of their vivid variegation, energetic bushiness, and gorgeous trailing vines. To compliment the height of the pothos and to allow the colors of the planters to blend together, we decided to use the Lofty and Lush spacing format, with an added inch of height for some extra oomph. Our grid ended up being 13” across and 12” high, with three rows of five planters. 


Rainbow Wally Eco Plant Wall Installation process 2

Rainbow Wally Eco Plant Wall Installation process 3

Playing around with color arrangements: Our first arrangement was the horizontal gradient, but we also tried a diagonal arrangement (above). Get creative! Add more columns of planters to make the stripes of color wider and more emphatic. Or, change up the arrangement of planters for even more options. Try making actual arches of colors like in a real rainbow, or keep it simple with a single column or row of planters in an ombre from warm to cool hues. The sky's the limit!

How else could you make a rainbow with the Eco planters? Show us your creations by emailing or tagging us @WallyGro on Instagram.

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Happy Pride Month, plant fam!