Inspiration: Frame Your Vertical Gardens

Inspiration: Frame Your Vertical Gardens

There are many reasons to frame your vertical gardens. A frame behind a vertical garden on the wall can work to separate the space and make the placement of your wall seem firmly intentional and designed. If you decide to leave them off the wall, perhaps because you can’t drill holes in the wall of your apartment, the frame can be easily moved as one unit for aesthetic reasons, or to improve plant health (such as moving it out of direct sunlight, bringing it in for the winter, and so on).

Plus, plants and wood just vibe together, don’t you agree?


Framed Vertical Garden using Wally Eco planters in White
This idea, drafted by Raphael López and brought to life with the help of woodworker Andrew Kerr (@akerrpics), uses a 4’ x 4’ frame of African Mahogany. Raphael’s vision was to create a living wall that would look like a picture frame or painting when filled in.

Joinery on the frame Varnishing Frame Assembled frame

First, the frame is created, then the brackets are installed to the inside back wall of the frame. Once the frame is hung on the wall, just add your planted Wally Eco planters, and voilà!


Framed Vertical Garden using Wally Eco

This similar concept by Urban Jungle Interiorscapes uses a painted, shallow frame, creating a slightly different look. Play around with colors and dimensions to create something truly unique to you!


Framed Vertical Garden using Wally Eco on porch

Or, like this boho framed vertical garden by Cassie Montoya (@cassadazzle), you can use a thrift store find or upcycled vintage frame with plywood backing and create something unique out of something unused! Hang it up, or leave it leaning against the wall for added mobility.

Care Tip: Hang the frame where it gets even light, or your plants may grow unevenly. A good grow light fixture centered above the frame will highlight the plants and help them grow properly.

Inspired to make your own framed wall? We’d love to see your progress! Send photos to or tag us @WallyGro on Instagram.