How to Transition Your Office for Spring

How to Transition Your Office for Spring

Now that we've reached Spring 2021 we cannot get enough bright pops of color to help welcome in the warm season. In order to feed our need for warm tones we made a simple transition in our office to flip the switch from winter to spring by simply changing our planter styles and colors!


While we love the gentle hues of grey and white we wanted to change things up. The very cool thing about the Loop and Eco planters is, once you have established your holes and anchors in place, you have the total freedom to switch from one product to the other (or do a mix of both!). Simply remove the knobs that come with the Loop and insert the brackets that come with the Eco and voila! A total change in look and feel. Then, simply store your gorgeous Gravel and White Loops for the next time you feel like a refresh, that easy!

Watch this wall come to life with Rose and Terracotta planters.

Materials Used:

5 Terracotta Ecos

4 Rose Ecos

9 Pothos