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How To Support Local Plant Shops

How To Support Local Plant Shops

Let's show solidarity with plant shops worldwide 💚We love plant shops, and we have a feeling that you do too! Whether it's during the difficult time of COVID-19 or any time of the year, it's awesome to show off your fave plant shops! To support your local businesses, check to see if your neighborhood plant shop offers online delivery or curbside plant pick-up. It helps them stay in business, and helps you fuel your need for plants and happy, green spaces!

Not sure what you can do to help them out? Here's a list of ways you can show your love for plant shops:

1. Purchase something if you are able
2. Gift a gift card or plant to a plant friend at a distance
3. Schedule a future installation and put a deposit down if possible
4. Get a virtual consultation of your space
5. Tell a friend or family member about them, and give them a shout-out online
6. Tell the shop what plants or products you're looking for
7. Share and like their social posts, and comment something nice
8. Participate in their Instagram stories
9. Post a pic and tag them!
10. Leave a review

We at WallyGro are proud to support our retail partners. Visit our store locator to find stores that carry our products near you!