How To Make a Tightly Spaced Vertical Offset Green Wall with Soltech Solutions Lighting

How To Make a Tightly Spaced Vertical Offset Green Wall with Soltech Solutions Lighting

For this project, we decided to find a growlight that would work well with our wall planters. Since many in our community have used the Soltech pendant lights, we wanted to see what the fuss was about - and we weren’t disappointed. The Aspect light hangs from the wall or ceiling, and its height can be adjusted to suit the light requirements of the plants it illuminates - it even comes with a guide that lists many common and uncommon types of houseplants and the height they recommend for those specific plants!


Soltech Solutions Lit Wally Eco Planter Green Wall


 If you’re using the Aspect pendant growlight from Soltech, you have a couple of options; you can use the included hardware to mount the light from your ceiling, or opt for a wall mounted application using a shelving bracket, which is what we did here. The light does weigh a good amount, so make sure to either use drywall anchors for the screws or screw your shelving bracket into a stud for support. Remember that you will need an outlet nearby to plug in your light! 


What you will need:

  • Wally Eco 4 Pack (we used Espresso) with hardware (drywall anchors and screws) included
  • Plants of similar light and care requirements (we used spider plants and dracaena)
  • Drill/screwdriver


If using the Aspect light:

  • Aspect pendant growlight and included hardware for ceiling mounted application
  • For wall mounted application: shelving support bracket with hook (under $10 at hardware stores like Home Depot) and screws x 2
  • Drill and (optional) stud finder


Soltech Solutions Wally Eco Plant Wall


Since we were working with one light that had to shine on all four plants, we decided to arrange our Espresso Wally Eco 4 pack in a tightly spaced offset pattern. Luckily, the easy on-off wall feature of the Eco planters makes it easy to rotate them so each plant can spend time in the prime lighting spot. The spacing we decided on was 9” vertical and 10” horizontal, staggering the planters in a zig-zag pattern from left to right. Visit the How It Works page and hover over instructional images for more details on installing the Wally Eco to your wall! 

Doesn’t this just look cozy? It would make a great reading nook! 


Check out Soltech's luxury growlights on their website,