How to Create an Ombre Wall 4 Ways

How to Create an Ombre Wall 4 Ways

The ombre effect features color that fades from dark to light or vice versa. Most people are familiar with ombre as a hair coloring trend, but it can be used in home décor and design, too!

We created an ombre plant wall four different ways, and they’re all to die for.

Materials used:
9 Eco planters
9 6-inch plants

These are all 3x3 designs with nine plants and planters, but an ombre look can be achieved even with three. Big or small, it’s a guaranteed statement piece.  


Rosy Touch featuring Rose, Oat and White Ecos  

This wall is dainty and delicate, perfect for a bedroom or powder room. We’re suckers for anything pink!  


Fresh Breeze featuring White, Spa and Indigo Ecos  

Imagine this ombre wall on a patio or front porch. Just like a breath of fresh air!  


Serene Green featuring Forest, Olive and Oat Ecos  

This takes green wall to a whole new level. If you want a natural ombre look that will blend right in with your plants, look no further. This combo screams lush and flush.  


Nature’s Best featuring Espresso, Stone and White Ecos  

This color combo is timeless and the perfect year-round piece to have in your space. These earthy tones would look stunning in any room.  


The best part about all of these ombre designs? They can be switched up as many times as you'd like! Change it up from time to time and you’ll never want to stop staring at your plant wall!