How Houseplants & Green Spaces Promote Self-Care

How Houseplants & Green Spaces Promote Self-Care

Many people think the purpose of the houseplant is only to decorate the indoor space, but in reality, plants work beyond aesthetics. Having your favorite plants scattered around your home is an excellent mental and emotional health source. In addition, houseplants accelerate your healing process, improve relationships/compassion, enhance human performance/energy, and increase recreation chances.

According to some research and surveys, people with houseplants experience less negative emotions than those with no green space at home. If your place is plant-friendly, you can reap plenty of benefits of greenery.

Let’s learn more about houseplants and find what difference they can add to your life!


Six Ways Plants Can Provide Joy And Control To Our Brains During Chaos

It won’t be wrong if I say plants boost your happiness, productivity, and the air quality in your house. But that is not all! Here is more to explore!


1: Plants Can Improve Mental Health

Spending time in greenery can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. When your eyes see green leaves and colorful flowers, their concentration level enhances, and mental fatigue reduces.

Nature adds calm to your personality; therefore, having a little greenery at your home, office, or work shelf can add peace and stability to your life.


2: Plants Can Enhance Your Productivity

Often, pet noise, kids' shouts, dirty dishes, loud music provide distractions, and it becomes hard to focus on your studies, office work, or any other attention-seeking task. In such cases, plants help improve calmness and wellbeing, which affects an individual’s ability to be creative and focus on tasks.

Having foliage around can also extend your attention span to those working without greenery.


3: Plants Act As Air Cleaners

Plants serve as natural air filters because they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Plants also purify the air from irritants like benzene, formaldehyde, or trichloroethylene.

There are several house plants that spread fragrance in your home, clean air by removing up to 87% of chemicals in a day, and in return, they require no care.

Below are ten houseplants that are easy to take care of

  • Snake Plants
  • Jade Plant
  • English IVY
  • Fern
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Aloe Vera
  • Basil
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Flamingo Lilly
  • Lavender


4: Plants Add Moisture To The Air

Along with emitting oxygen into your house, plants also release the water you give them. It can improve your home’s humidity and air quality.

This humidity provides many benefits: adding houseplants to your living spaces may help relieve dry skin, soothe dry sinuses, prevent dry throat, deter nosebleeds and lessen allergies.


5: Plants Provide A Sense Of Accomplishment

Plants are humans' best friends that change their lives and positively impact the environment. That is why plant-obsessed people keep adding different pots to their gardens. Plants provide you a sense of accomplishment; when the leaves grow, flowers bloom, the fragrance spreads in your home, and plants start to grow with the care you provided, you feel satisfied. And it feels like your biggest mission is accomplished.

Watering the plants, keeping them in the window, and observing them flourish is really joyous and worthy.


6: Plants Provide Sense Of Satisfaction

Growing green spaces at home are neither time-taking nor expensive; still, they provide you ample benefits- increase your focus, peace, and calmness; eventually, you start to enjoy every aspect of your life.

Indoor plants can settle for less light yet can grow up healthy. You would be amazed to know that grow lights can facilitate the plant’s manifestation.

Let's find how effective grow lights are and how you can be benefited once you install them:

  • More intense and focused light
  • Effective coverage area
  • Quiet and effective cooling
  • Full-spectrum ability
  • Provides good customer satisfactory support
  • Uses state of the art COB technology


Key Takeaway

There are several self-care tips and strategies, but house plants and green spaces have got none of their alternatives. Adding plants to your home space can calm you down, promote mindfulness, remind you to keep moving, and make you healthy.

So, head to your local plant store or greenhouse and pick up some plants to spruce up your home space and enjoy endless benefits. Trust me; your brain will be thankful to you!





Sarah Charles is an interior designer who strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on her clients’ lives. With a special place in her heart for indoor plants, she uses them as accent pieces, to soften areas, or even to create a certain expression.