Q&A: Vintage Decor and Classic Plants with @houseofsaaj

Q&A: Vintage Decor and Classic Plants with @houseofsaaj

Selene Lopez (@houseofsaaj) is a full-time boy mom, part-time thrifter who shows people through her Instagram that you can still have the home of your dreams on a budget. Specializing in vintage finds and murals, Selene also promotes decorating with secondhand pieces to not only save money, but prevent things from ending up in landfills, too. Read on for a closer look into her style and how she uses plants in decor!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


What was the inspiration behind your amazing rainbow wall? Did you create it yourself?
Yes! I painted the rainbow wall; I’m super drawn to a 70’s/80's aesthetic, so the retro vibes are always a must at home. I was inspired by an image I came across on Pinterest, and I just incorporated my fav colors into the design. 


How would you describe your style of decor? What advice would you give to aspiring home decorators? 

I would say it’s a bit of everything! I’m very eclectic. I have a deep love for vintage, color and plants! 90% of my home is sourced secondhand; I love to thrift and hunt for the right pieces. My advice would be to follow your heart. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s so important to do things that make your heart happy. Do what feels right to you. 


How do you incorporate plants into your aesthetic? Are there any go-to plants you use?
I only got into plants maybe like a year ago, so I don’t have many, but it’s definitely become my fav hobby. I love seeing them in every room. Lighting is a huge factor, so if I know a room doesn’t have the best lighting I’ll decorate the space with my less finicky plants. Trailing plants are my fav! Pothos may seem like a “basic” plant nowadays, considering how much the plant community has to offer, but it will always be my number one go-to. 


You recently installed 2 Loop planters in your home - why did you go for the Rose and Terracotta colors?
I did. Pink has been a fav color of mine for a while now and the Terracotta seemed like the best choice since I have so many terra planters. I love the sleek look of the Loop planters and how versatile they are. 


How are your plants liking the Loops? Do you feel as though they’re healthy in their new homes?
I put Pothos in both of my Loop planters (told you it was a favorite) and my Pothos have been loving their new homes. I placed them in my living room gallery wall and absolutely love how they look. 


Thanks to Selene for sharing her thoughts and her methods with us! See her work online:

Instagram: @houseofsaaj

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