Video: Bottom Water using Loop with @heartshapedleaves

Video: Bottom Water using Loop with @heartshapedleaves

Rachel of Heart Shaped Leaves is a lover of rare plants, here to share her experience with plant unboxings, update the progress of her plant growth and occasionally spill the tea on some of the important plant topics of the day. What is she sharing today? Her experience with our Loop planters! Watch her vlog here:



About this video, Rachel writes:

You guys know from my recent video about how I water my large collection of house plants, that bottom watering house plants is absolutely critical in maintaining my collection. WallyGro was kind enough to send me 2 free Loop planters to try. These pots are specifically designed for bottom watering your house plants.


Thanks to Rachel for sharing her process with us! Find her online:

Instagram: @heartshapedleaves

Youtube: Heart Shaped Leaves

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