Q&A: Thrifty Interior Design with @haus.of.kerr

Q&A: Thrifty Interior Design with @haus.of.kerr

Bree Kerr (@haus.of.kerr) is a self-described 'serial re-arranger' focused on sustainable home design. Featured by Apartment Therapy, Bree mixes the old with the new (with plants throughout) to bring her interior design vision to life. Read on for a glimpse into her process of procuring the perfect furniture for less, how she incorporates plants into her designs, and more!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


How do you incorporate sustainability in your home design? Why is it important to you?I believe that turning your home into your little slice of paradise doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune; and also that my current home design desires/needs don't need to impact our future generations (aka children's) ability to meet their future desires/needs. Because of this, I try to buy as much as I can second hand (or pre-loved as I call it). With a little bit of patience, and a lot of scouring apps like Facebook Marketplace or hitting up your local thrift stores, you can find the perfect pieces for a quarter of the price. I am a serial re-arranger so before I bring a piece into my home I think about all the places it can go and ways it can be used in my home. If it doesn't have more than 1-2 uses for my space, I leave it for the next hopeful owner. 


As someone with a “slight obsession with plants”, how do you incorporate plants into your aesthetic?
Let's just say where others would put a vase or a book, I put a plant. Plants make me so happy, so I try to have at least a couple in each room. I call them my most well-behaved children. 


What’s your current favorite plant, and why?
My favorite plant is a Philodendron. I love their trailing heart shaped leaves, and they require so little maintenance. Best part is how easy they are to propagate! A little snip here and there, and in a couple weeks you have a whole new plant! From one philodendron, so far I have made 7 others!


Your emerald backsplash was featured on Apartment Therapy. Did it come with the house?
Our kitchen is the one area we have hardly touched (we swapped out our sink/faucet). We love how fun it is and have been on the hunt for the same or similar tile for when we update it. If the kitchen was in better shape we would leave it alone. 


Why did you choose the Terracotta color of Wally Eco, and what plans do you have for them?
I love how the Terracotta color plays off the colors in our kitchen. At the moment I have Philodendrons, but when it’s safe to shop in the nurseries again I plan on using the Terracotta Eco planters to plant an herb garden. 


Thanks to Bree for sharing her story and her methods with us! See her work on social media:

Instagram: @haus.of.kerr