A Guide To Fun Plant Activities To Do With Your Family

A Guide To Fun Plant Activities To Do With Your Family

Have you found yourself stuck inside with some stir-crazy kiddos recently? We’ve got a fun and educational plant project for you! No kiddos? One could argue this activity is just as fun for adults, so if you fall into the adult category, grab your beverage and your plants, and let’s go!


We hope you enjoy this guide for ages 5-9:

(For ages 21+, pair these with your fave cocktails and jams!)


rainbow wally eco wall

Step 1: Pick Your Colors

We recently launched a mix-and-match opportunity for your family, which allows each person to pick their favorite color of planter for this activity. So, whether you have a little one who loves green (we have three shades, take your pick!), yellow, pink, or blue, we got you covered - along with every other shade of our 13 lovely colors! (The best part: when you create your own custom pack with code MIXANDMATCH at checkout, you save $5 off each planter.)


Step 2: Pick Your Plants

6 inch plants work best for the Wally Eco. Here are a few that are easy to care for AND will grow quickly, which will be fun to take care of:

  • Brazil philodendron
  • Any Pothos variety (Marble Queen, Jade, Neon, Golden, etc.)
  • Spider Plant (Fun fact: once this one grows to maturity, you’ll get baby spider plants!)

Need new plants? Check out our list of global plant partners, call your local plant nurseries to ask if they’ll do curbside pickup, or check out these plant delivery services.


Step 3: Prep for the Mess

Supplies needed:

  • Bag(s) of soil (We recommend Miracle Gro indoor potting soil. Typically, 1 small bag can fill 1-2 planters with a single 6” plant in each. Each Eco can hold about 4.5 qts of soil.)
  • Trash bag or other plastic sheeting

If planting inside, you’ll want something to lay on the floor or kitchen table for easy cleanup. To convert a trash bag, just cut a slit down one side and unfold it, or use a tarp or other plastic sheeting. Then when you’re done, just fold up all the leftover soil in your sheet and pour it back into your bag of soil or discard! If planting outdoors on a patio, or even in your garage, you’ll want to have a broom handy for clean up. You can use either hands, scoops or the nursery pots your plants were in to collect soil for planting.


Step 4: Gather the Troops (Let’s do this!)

Now that everyone has their fave colors and plants of choice, it’s time to get planting. Start by taking out the bracket and hardware in the bottom of the basket, and flip the reservoir panel around. Pack down 1-2 inches of soil in the base of the planter. Then, removing the plant from its nursery pot, break up the root ball a bit and set it inside the planter. Then start packing soil tightly around the plant all the way to just above the perforated holes. Check out the handy instructions below!


Step 5: Planter Banter

Need some things to talk about as you plant? We got you. Here are some of our favorite plant jokes:

Why couldn’t the flower ride its bike? 

Because it lost its petals!

What kind of bean never grows in a garden?

A jelly bean!

And, if those don’t do it for you, here are some plant puns for the win!

Aloe you very much!
Meet my new best bud!
I wet my plants!
I can’t beleaf you didn’t say aloe!


Step 6: Science Talk (A lesson on why the Wally Eco is so good for plants)

Eco Diagram

When you water through the reservoir channel, the water can go straight to the roots! The holes in front allow for aeration of the roots, so the plant can breathe.

WallyGro Trivia: Did you know the Wally Eco is made entirely from recycled plastic? Yep! Since WallyGro started in 2007, we’ve diverted over 8 million plastic containers from oceans and landfills. So these planters are not just good for the plants, but good for our planet too!


Step 7: Decorate Your Plant’s New Home

Since our planters are made from recycled bottles (HDPE plastic), unfortunately, not a lot can stick to it, but there are still ways to make your planter uniquely yours. You can try using double sided magnets inside and outside the planter’s face to stick photos, drawings, or just fun magnets to it, tie charms on strings into the perforated holes in the front, or place garden decorations and stakes into the soil - whatever you can imagine!


Step 8: Name Your Plant Friend

Stacey the Spider Plant? Brent the Brazil? Polly Pothos? Give your plant a name! If you have popsicle sticks or cardstock, write the name on it and stick it into the soil so everyone can see their name.


Step 9: Hang Time

Now for the most important part: where will you hang your new plant friends? All together in a family room or deck, or maybe each person in your family wants to take it to their rooms? Just make sure the location has enough light for your plant to enjoy, away from drafty windows or vents!


Step 10: Pics (Or It Didn’t Happen)

We want to see, we want to see! Take a photo to post to Instagram, then tag @wallygro and use the hashtag #wallyfam. Bonus points if you tell us your plants’ names!


thebleedingheartsco watering


After Care:

Care is simple! 1-2 times a week, just fill the back reservoir with water, and your plant will be very happy with you! Not sure if it needs watering yet? Stick your finger into the soil to about 2” down to test if it’s dry. If it is, water up!

We hope you liked this guide, if you have any questions feel free to email hello@wallygro.com!