How-to: DIY Mid-Century Style Slatted Plant Wall

How-to: DIY Mid-Century Style Slatted Plant Wall

I always thought that the Wallgro planters would look great in my entryway under a skylight, but I wanted to add a little pizzazz. My home style is a little bit of mid-century modern, and I've really gotten into DIY over the past year since I was spending a lot of time at home and saw how easy it was to add some character by adding some wall treatments. Here's how I did it:


1) Determined the space I wanted to fill/how many slats I wanted to use

2) Purchased from Common Pine 1x2s from my local hardware store - tried to pick the straightest pieces


3) Measure and cut down wood to fit on wall, do a dry fit

4) Sand down the pieces to smooth out any roughness


5) [Optional] -- stain pieces or coat, but I left wood natural

6) Attach to wall using brad nailer, using an extra piece of the wood slat as a spacer


7) Attach Wallygro planters

8) Fill with plants!




Thanks to Josephine for sharing her project with us!

Find her on Instagram: @acuppajoathome