Q&A: Color in Decor, Crafts and Plants with @digandhang

Q&A: Color in Decor, Crafts and Plants with @digandhang

Kim LaPlante (@digandhang) is a crafter who has curated her home with the most colorful decor, art and DIY inspo you can imagine. We asked her about how plants fit into her eclectic, bohemian style, and also learned about the philosophy behind her design decisions. Read on for DIY ideas and thoughts on color and plants in interiors (as well as how you can add tassels to your Wally Eco planters)!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!


Why are the elements of colorful art, decor and DIY inspo so important to your curated space?

I've been passionate about colorful interior decorating and plants since I was a little girl. I shared a room with my sister, and my bunkbed and small dresser were always full of colorful art, decor and as many potted plants as I could fit there.  Our homes are a place to rest, reflect and recharge ourselves. I think bold color, art and plants have such a power to create a positive and joyful environment that can heal and inspire your heart and soul. I've always had a unique and eclectic home decor style where I decorate with whatever brings me the most joy. I love colorful gallery walls with mismatched frames of all the rainbow colors, soft and comfy colorful pillows, and of course plants bring texture and nature into my home. 


What are your go-to DIY projects, and why?

Aside from featuring ton of colorful artists in my home each month with themed gallery wall art, I myself am also an artist and crafter. I have been creating since childhood; the best memories I have are crafting with my grandma and gardening with my mom. I enjoy mixed media art - it’s something that just about anyone can do, even if you're not deemed the creative type. It's as easy as taking fabric you love and placing it into a picture frame or embroidery hoop to hang on a wall and enjoy. Or taking colorful beads you love, stringing them up and hanging them onto a plant.  To me, DIY projects are the perfect way to add your own personal touch to your home, that often times can't be found in decor or art from a big box store.  


How do plants fit into your colorful DIY space?

I love texture just as much as I love color, and having them together is a win-win in my mind. When you can combine a cactus full of texture in a bold and colorful pot, it just adds a whole new level of interest in a space. I like to add flowers to DIY furniture I upcycled with decoupage paper and paint, or add plants to the wall of a gallery wall of art; bringing nature indoors with the art I have in my home really helps me feel complete and whole. I love bringing the outside in, it really helps especially since I live in Tennessee where it does rain a lot during certain times of the year, so having plants inside can lift my mood so much!


What made you go with Wally Eco planters for your colorful vertical garden?

Obviously the bold orange, yellow and green caught my eye, I get especially excited when I find bold colored home decor and the other thing I love about it is that it is made from recycled material. I am a huge fan of helping the environment.  It was a win-win for me, the colors are great and it's recycled. 


What’s the story behind the amazing rainbow designs behind your sofa? Did you make them all?

I love the art and craft community so much; my grandma was a crafter, so I grew up around lots of folks that made things with their hands. I curate and feature the most bold and colorful artists from around the world in my home. Each month I have a different theme: I've done a floral theme, punny kitchen food theme, music theme and many, many more. The art behind my sofa currently is a mix of some art I have made myself as well as some art from other artists. 

How did you add those gorgeous tassels to your Wally Eco planters?

I just used a piece of twine, cut it to the length I wanted, added wood beads to the ends and placed them into the top slots on the planters, then made the mini tassels and tied them on. You can get a detailed, step by step how-to in the video I posted on Dig and Hang IGTV; you can also find it in my feed if you wanted to share it on social.


Thanks to Kim for sharing her story and her methods with us! See her work on social media:

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