Q&A: Creating Gallery Walls with Plants with @darrikdecorates

Q&A: Creating Gallery Walls with Plants with @darrikdecorates

Darrik (@darrikdecorates) is a DIY-er and style enthusiast who decorates his home with unique handmade decor in his own bohemian & eclectic style. At the center of his space is a large gallery wall filled with colorful and curated pieces. Read on to see how Darrik achieves his design vision in his home (with the accents of greenery we all love)!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise!



What’s the inspiration behind your awesome gallery wall? How do you choose each piece to be included?I have always loved large and dramatic gallery walls and I immediately knew after we moved in to our home 6 months ago that the wall space behind the sofa was just begging to be a feature moment. Curating art for all of the frames is actually something I am still fast at work on. Some of the art is original pieces I have painted, and the rest are prints that I have been collecting as I find things I like. I am currently hunting for lots of pink art to replace some of the prints that are hanging now. It is definitely something I like to take my time with and really find pieces I love!



What tips would you give someone who wants to start their own gallery wall?My secret for success when it comes to gallery walls is a big roll of construction paper! I trace the frames and mark where the nail needs to go on each tracing, cut them out, and then hang the tracings on the wall with painters tape until I get the arrangement just right. Doing this takes the guess work out of placement and also eliminates the need to do lots of measuring. Once I have it just how I want it, I just put my nail through the tracing where I marked, replace the tracing with the actual frame, and then pour a drink and admire my handiwork! For anyone who is interested, I have a video on my Instagram showing this process in detail.



What are your initial thoughts on the Loop planter? What made you go with the Rose color?I absolutely love my Rose Loop planter. It is my first hanging planter, and I don’t know if I will be able to use any other kind going forward. The inner draining shell is just so genius. Watering can be such a chore with indoor plants, but with this it takes the hassle right out of the equation. I also really enjoy the design and lightweight yet sturdy construction. I decided to go with the Rose color because it matched perfectly with the pinks I already have working in my decor! I’m all about pink right now. 



What made you decide to install in the location you chose?I chose to hang the Loop planter in our dining room because it has large windows on all sides that provide full sun all day. It’s the perfect spot for the Golden Pothos I chose to live in my Loop planter! Also, I knew the pink and green would really stand out against my black accent wall. 


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Thanks to Darrik for sharing his story and his methods with us! See his work online:

Instagram: @darrikdecorates